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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Ryanair Experiences

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From the article: Ryanair's new booking site
Twice in late 2008, Ryanair canceled all flights to a Spanish airport due to a disagreement about marketing. Though airfares were refunded, Ryanair did not reimburse tourists for the money lost with hotel bookings and car hire. And still Ryanair do not offer an online complaints system, despite falling foul of British electronic commerce regulations.

Since this time, Ryanair has become a byword for 'bad customer service'. This began to change in late 2013 and early 2014, with a series of measures designed to bring people back to the tarnished airline. But they still don't offer an email address on their website to make complaints. Read more about the changes: Ryanair Charges Lowered.

So what could you do? You could try writing to Ryanair. Or you could share your experiences with Ryanair below so that other travelers can be aware of what happened to you.

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they robbed me head on

i was going to see my mom in Italy and only bought a couple clothe with my, my bag was LITTERALY EMPTY but they still charged me 50 euro cause it was off by 2 centimeters... do yourself a favor
—Guest Sergiu Girlea

Money grabbers

My husband and I went to rome from stansted and back we were treated disgracefully. They charged us £140 because we didn't print off our boarding passes. We then had to buy another bag because our case was overweight even though I paid for this in England. All in all it cost us an extra £240. What I want to know is why they are continually allowed in this day and age to get away with this. The staff are rude and just don't care. In rome the girl on check in just sat there while we all waited. She played on her phone messed with her hair then a priest asked if she was actually working she yes. So why did she just sit there and say nothing? There was a cue a mile long and one other person checking people in. The government really needs to get this sorted out. everything about them is bad. Modern day highwaymen. A total disgrace. And to top it all my husband is disabled but were they bothered no !Just gives us your money that's all they want. The Italian staff said blame it on the Irish .
—Guest Michelle

got treated bad by the crew

i don't fly with ryanair anymore after i had a very bad word fight with the not properly trained crew members. i had "priority boarding" on my ticket and i checked in online a day before the flight, so i don't have to go to the ticket booth at the airport. When boarding the plane i was denied priority boarding that i paid for! i asked why and they told me i should HAVE gone to to airport booth to redeem priority boarding. i told them it's nonsense because i paid for it and it's printed on my ticket, so there is no reason to not let me in and choose a seat and if priority boarding is only available when you check in online, why should i go to the airport booth ? the whole reason of checking in online is that you don't have to go and wait at the airport booth to check in. so i told them please get that sorted and call the ticket booth so they can check me in with priority boarding if that is the only problem. they got angry and told me i should stop talking now and if i said A WORD again
—Guest ray

Badly treated customer

Went to departures at Luton over one hour before the flight departure to check in the luggage. There was no one at the Ryanair desk. Nobody at the Ryanair desk next to the Kaunas flight knew what was happening regarding the Kaunas flight or could help us. A Ryanair lady employee came some time later and then promptly told us the check in for Kaunas was now closed and we could not check in any luggage. The passenger, my girlfriend, who I bought the ticket for had to return to her home in Lithuania without all her personal belongings stuck in her suitcase that had to remain in the UK with me. Good luck if you use this airline.
—Guest Customer

Ryanair charges

How can Ryanair charge £140 to print 2 boarding passes we were left with no money for our holls no wonder Irish people wont use that airline disgusting people !!!!
—Guest Linda Cobbing

ryanair does suck and I have 682 reasons

We travel on holiday every February(except this one) and our friends booked some flights to Lublin in Poland. On receiving confirmation of the flight we booked a nice hotel for our stay. To start with Ryanair changed the dates so we had to contact the hotel to change the dates which they did with no charge. Then a few days later due to an operational review the flight was cancelled and the hotel will not refund our money. Consequently we are £682 out of pocket. Ryanair have not had the dignity to reply to my e-mails can anyone suggest another chanel? This may not be illegal but it certainly is immoral. RYANAIR YOU SUCK!!!!
—Guest Paul


Ryainair is so bad,there staff is from another zombie planet with no expression or help if you were dying in front of them never ever again id rather swim or die il never book or fly with them again
—Guest kay


When you booked the flights you have accepted the Terms of Conditions of Ryanair. EVERYTHING is written, but the passengers just do not care about it. They have to pay, not a surprise. This is a low cost airline, it needs expensive fees to make profit. This is a good company, the 99% of the mistakes is because of the passengers. Simple is that.
—Guest ...


I came home after my flights from Manchester to Dublin to find my case had been opened my customs they had used what looks like a key and pulled all the casing off my 550 pound xbox one and then leaving it the xbox is broken and ryanair dont give a fuck I only went home to get my Christmas presents which is sat here in bits
—Guest jack

Flight Diversion

I was flying with Ryanair from Manchester to Katowice, Poland. Before landind the passengers were told by the captain that due to bad weather conditions we were going to land in Warsaw. We were taken to Katowice airport by bus, arriving at 4:30 a.m. (the flight was scheduled for 21:10). I learned all other aircraft had landed on time, and ours was the only one which had not landed in Katowice. It turns out, the pilot decided to fly to Warsaw due to "low clouds". Apparently, other pilots were more experienced than ours. I know Ryanair is a budget airline and I don't expect anything fancy, but I'd at least expect experienced pilots and fairly timely landing at the port of destination. I'll never fly with them again and will strongly advise other people against choosing this airline.
—Guest Goldfinch

unfair booking

I have just booked a flight with Ryanair via e-dreams as this was offered to me under the request for Ryanair. After receiving their confirmation e-mail I opened one from yourselves quoting a much cheaper price. As I didn't expect to be given an agent I would like to cancel the flight with e-dreams and accept the one from you, naturally in the circumstances without a cancellation fee, and the reduction of the agency fee. I await your response. This is not a response but a complaint but I did not know where else I could send it.
—Guest Margaret Robinson

A story of how Ryanai.

Christmas time is a period, when tickets to all parts of the world increase twice, or even trice. We never took Ryanair before. Nevertheless, normal airlines were way too expensive during Holidays, so, because we did not have much luggage, we decided to take Ryanair. When average ticket for Ryanair costs 40-50 Euros, this time we paid more than 120 Euros for one-way ticket per person. First bad surprise That was a flight from Dortmund to Palma de Mallorca. Like always, we printed our reservation and came to airport control. There was a scan machine, which required a barcode on the ticket. After not finding any barcode on our reservation, we went to Ryanair counter to get the information. There we were told that we had to print a boarding pass before the flight. Without boarding pass we were not able to take our flight. They said, they could print it for us, if we pay 70 Euros per person. Thank you, NO. We went to travel agency upstairs to ask to print our boarding passes. A nice man
—Guest Malvin


Reserved seats and asked for special assistants (wheelchair) as disabled.Made to wait until everyone else had boarded plane then had to walk the length of the plane to find my paid for reserved seats taken by someone else crew refused to do anything about it claiming computer hiccup (ridiculous). Later found out that off duty cabin crew and family were on board I believe these people had my seats , it is shameful !!! I paid extra for nothing !!!
—Guest MacAsh

poor airline

booked flights for may 2014 last november 2013 to go to france for a friends wedding just been emailed by ryanair that the flight times are changed from thursday to saterday afternoon what a joke not an hour delay but three days and i booked 6 months in advance book early with ryanair no never again
—Guest john collins

Humanitarian trip ruined

Today the 13th Dec was a day for a countless children in need have benefited from me and my team. Two month trip. It was cut short by 3 Ryanair heartless staff. I was insulted, verbally abused and violated. I have read too many stories, how ryanair ignores the complains. For this reason I not wasting more time by explaining in details, instead I will include proof I managed to record on my phone before the staff member grabs my hand and aggressively took my phone. I will leave the rest to my fiance( criminal layer) Ms Farah
—Guest Ms Farah

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Readers Share Their Ryanair Experiences

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