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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Ryanair Experiences

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new scam

just discovered ryanairs new scam you can only print boarding passes 3 days before you fly if travelling for two weeks you have to find internet cafe on holidays and print out return passes therefore making people who might not be able to do this have to pay for allocated seating never again will i be using them
—Guest christine smith


I now how you feel, didn't print my boarding cards and had to pay £140, which is a joke, I won't complain because I will get nowhere, but I will never fly again with Ryanair and will pass on my feelings to everyone I know n hopeful they won't fly either
—Guest John Murray


I have called ryanair asking why eelctronic ticket is not sent after 10 minutes waiting a lady was answering to lissoning to my self Iwas talking about electronic ticket and she continually said to make electronic check in then without any warning she interrupted telephone call; this is unacceptable and I wil not fly ryanair anymore telephone call 14 April 2014 about 14.20 pm
—Guest Adriano Zamboni

can´t get Ryanair check in for 23rd

can,t get Ryanair check in.I have trid all options and never can get way out
—Guest joao brito

They truly are the worst

Travelling with 11 year old son. Have carefully ensured that carry on bags will fit (though of course you have to put them into cage upside down). As usual to ensure that I don't keep everyone waiting whilst I stow luggage I have removed book + iPad and bag of sandwiches + drink. Staff scream at me that I must pack everything in carry on bag. Try to do so, meanwhile - juggling passports, boarding passes, sandwich bag (which fits easily of course) - contents of drink carton spill all over the ground. Ryanair staff furious, take me aside and say that I will not be allowed on board. Eventually we do get on board but it is a horrible experience. If ever I have a choice I will NEVER fly Ryanair.
—Guest Simon

Cant even checkin online..!!!!!

received the check in details from On The Beach and it provides you with reference numbers and details to checkin. I am very good with computers and have no probems usually, I have now been on hold for almost 2 hours at 50p per minute + network charges waiting for help. All i get when i try to checkin is a note saying that my details are not recognised. I am absolutely furious, and have no choice but to sit waiting for someone to answer the phone. After reading all the other complaints I am absoultely disgusted, and will never use these cretins again.
—Guest Brad Mitchell

Wrong boarding pass

On 17 April I booked a flight from Eindhoven to Milano. I have followed the procedure to check-in online and print out the boarding pass. However, during the visa checked, it was noticed that the departure place on the boarding pass was from "LONDON". Except for that, the rest information was correct. The airport agent scanned in the system, and it showed Eindhoven. However, they wanted to know why Ryanair made such a strange boarding pass. After contacting Ryanair, they instructed the agent to force me to pay 60 Euros for a new boarding pass. Ridiculous! How could they ask customers to pay for their mistake? Of course, Ryanair is difficult to contact. The customer service line can not help me, which you have to pay for it. So the only option is to contact them by post or fax. After sending mail for two times, Ryanair only stated the boarding pass is not valid, so no way to refund, completely denying there is problem with their system. Please be careful what is printed on your pass!!!
—Guest Yang

Ryanair - Don't think so....

Will not fly with them again. Just a cattle service, unfriendly staff who only think about how to charge more and more. The flight stewardesses just go around trying to sell scratch cards and alocohol. No service, No smile and just no no frills airline. Checkin is amusing, queues are distressinga nd timings are poor. They are so silly that they bost on landing that over 90% of there flights are on time. Thats a poor record, that means 1 in 10 is not on time. Pay the little bit more and you'll enjoy the flight, have no hidden targets and you'll have the a humane response.
—Guest Triplesolar

buy a new ticket if not print_Ryanair

It was happened in Ryanair of Roma Ciampino airport in May 2012. I checked in on line at home, but the printed air ticket was forgotten in the hotel during the traveling. When we got the airport, the check-in desk and air ticket office of Ryanair said it was impossible for them to print any paper for me, except I could buy a new ticket, which cost 60 euro, and only can be paid with credit card! About 10 meters far from the check-in desk and air ticket office of Ryanair, there was a computer with printer, which marked 5 euro for printing one paper. But it has problem for paper printing. The stuff in the air ticket office of Ryanair know about the printing problem of the machine, and said the only way was to buy a new ticket! So ridiculous!!! It is not convenient to complaint with Ryanair, as they only accept fax or mails to Ireland!!!

Rip off,stupid,unfriendly airline ever!!

I have to paid £60 for the staff to checked me in and print out my tickets!!!! This is a joke!!! Rip off and heartless airline ever!! This is will be the first and last for me to travel with Ryan air, I hope the CEO of Ryanair will sleep very well at night because the airline just announce profit of £500 million!!! That money is come from a poor people like us!!! They should start fire all the ground staff if we can't check in at the counter!! Just keep one or two at the airline counter for counting the money from someone like me, whose forget to check in online!!!! I will pay more for the better airline next time.
—Guest Vanee chan

Ryanair in their favour

I have had no trouble with ryanair, I have found the check in and airline staff to be courteous. only problem is having to mount and dismount on the tarmac, I would happily pay £2 or 3 more for bridges to be used. perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but at the end of the day the fares are good even with the extras. and the destinations are equally as good. I used to travel BMIBaby from Cardif, and the check in staff were disgustingly rude and obnoxious, I had a row every time I checked in at cardiff, it was so bad I eventually brought the supervisor down and reported this. If one uses ryanair properly one gets a good deal. also on Alicante airport there are notices stating any goods bought at the airport, must be allowed on along with hand luggage BY LAW, I havent used this yet, but if I am stopped by ryanair staff regarding this I will immediately refer them to the great big notices up and around Alicante airport
—Guest Ann Howlett

Fraudalent Ryanair

I flew to Dublin from Manchester last Friday with Ryanair and had no problems on way out but on return flight yesterday I was told to put my carry on bag into the basket they have to check if it would fit into the overhead cabin - it didn't fit into the basket so I was charged 50Euros and told to leave it at the bottom of the plane steps which I did. While I was half way up the steps a baggage handler asked if I wanted to take it on board so I explained it wouldn't fit. He advised me to try and guess what IT DID FIT and not at a squeeze it moved about the overhead cabin during the flight. In my opinion Ryanair have fraudulantly taken 50E out of my bank account. I have photographic evidence of this and would appreciate advice on who to complain to (obviously not to Ryanair)
—Guest Denise


They absolutely do not care about you. They just want your money. I checked in online maybe a few minutes after deadline of 4 hours before departure. Couldn't do it and got saddled with a £60 fee. Advertised price of the ticket was £10.99. With fees, it came to well over £100. Don't trust them. I would have MUCH rather paid what I did up front without the hassels and cheap gimmicks Ryanair uses to punish and milk their customers out of money. I will never fly Ryan air again even if it means I can't get to my destination. I hate this airline.

Ryanair Give-away flight: almost a fraud

Just to let you know that I am one of the unhappy holder of the new Ryanair credit card (by Santander). I applied for it with the hope of getting free flight while using the card. I was very happy to have my first voucher (Give-away flight scheme), and i call to reserve a flight from Stansted to Turin, and i finally had a nice surprise: the final cost using the voucher was higher (!) than the cost of reserving the same flight on their website, without using any voucher. I did say to the gently call center operator that the voucher is finally useless if I had to pay more using it than purchasing a flight online without it. She agreed!!! Anyway, stay away from Ryanair Credit Card: the promised vouchers are actually useless!!!
—Guest Simone


I do not know if anyone else has had a problem with these thieving, caniving bastereds but they are absoloute morons. I was first quoted £110.00 for a name change and was told if i ring up when i want to complete the transaction i would be able to it over the phone. Was left on hold for 55 minutes at thier premium rates before being put through to one of thier lesser illiterate forighn based offices, where i was told i could only book online att £110.00 otherwise it was £160.00 over the phone. I stated i was never told this but they did not care. Went too book online and spent two hours trying to do this, but everytime i got to a certain point thier website would crash, saying error occured. I am now having to ring up and pay £160 over the phone beacuse thier website is 'down'. They are inconsiderate and will rob you of every dime. Also heard they will charge you for a piss in air - Overall its safe to say this company are inhumane and discusting scummy bastereds.

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