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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Ryanair Experiences

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new scam

just discovered ryanairs new scam you can only print boarding passes 3 days before you fly if travelling for two weeks you have to find internet cafe on holidays and print out return passes therefore making people who might not be able to do this have to pay for allocated seating never again will i be using them
—Guest christine smith


I now how you feel, didn't print my boarding cards and had to pay £140, which is a joke, I won't complain because I will get nowhere, but I will never fly again with Ryanair and will pass on my feelings to everyone I know n hopeful they won't fly either
—Guest John Murray


I have called ryanair asking why eelctronic ticket is not sent after 10 minutes waiting a lady was answering to lissoning to my self Iwas talking about electronic ticket and she continually said to make electronic check in then without any warning she interrupted telephone call; this is unacceptable and I wil not fly ryanair anymore telephone call 14 April 2014 about 14.20 pm
—Guest Adriano Zamboni

RA change of terms and conditions

my family and Ibooked a flight through a holiday firm online with hotel in Feb 2014, the terms were to gheck in online and print off the boerding passes 15 days to 4 hours before flight. We did this but ryan air would only allow the out bound portion to be checked in, the return had to be done 15 days before the return. This was not a problem until yesterday when Ra had changed the terms and conditions to 7 days before return which means we are without checkin or boerding passes for the return ,having to rely on the availability of internet in resort.contrary to mr ryan air above it was RAwho changed the T AND Cwhich is a breach of contract and we will not have to cancell as i am sure this is a scam to extract further payments from us. Ryan air should have their licences taken away.


this has to be the worst company ever to deal with I would advice people before you use Ryanair please try and book with another airline I had the misfortune to to fly with raynair to las palmas were they lost my luggage no case clothes nothing for 2 wks its now 3 months and still I cant get any one to help me not one person could I get to help but I wont gave up next stop the law all I want is my case back but its gone lost never found the insurance I took out a joke but iam in the process now of going to a solicitor to get something back iam out more than what I will get but I don't care I wont let them away with it please don't fly with Ryanair you have been warned heed my advice and don't use them
—Guest gerard oneill

Jane P

I tried to send an online complaint but - mysteriously - the site seems not to upload the ruddy form! I wanted to send photos of 2 damaged emergency door handles - but now they will be no wiser .... what a shambles They charge you for Priority Boarding, then filter you into one queue. The PA systems are so bad you cannot hear anything being said
—Guest Jane P

can´t get Ryanair check in for 23rd

can,t get Ryanair check in.I have trid all options and never can get way out
—Guest joao brito

Flouting their own rules

On a recent flight with Ryan air I was subjected to sitting with my feet on my small luggage which easily fit under the seat in front of me (well under the size and weight limit) as other passengers were permitted to carry on their kitchen sinks - not sure why they have rules in place when they clearly ignore them, I just feel sorry for the honest passengers who paid for excess baggage prior to boarding as I'm sure they would have let you board the aircraft with a skip full of belongings! So much for weight limits in the cabin and only 90 bags allowed in the cabin. Obviously the health and safety of passengers is not a major priority. When. Contacted Ryan air with my concerns they sent me the regulations detailing the luggage allowances mmmm I think they missed my point - I am more than aware of the regulations, maybe they should be sharing this information with the cabin crew instead of patronising customers who wished to raise h&s concerns
—Guest C Bedford

Stansted Park & Ride scam

Booked a Stansted Park & Ride via Rynair website (as an ADD-On to my flights) and given a parking space in a BARN courtyard miles from the airport boundaries.
—Guest Amir

baggage charges

Was flying from Stansted to Plovdiv Bulgaria despite weighing my cases on the paid for machine and being under weight was weighed at check in and charged for being over nothing but crooks.
—Guest stephan

RyanAir Ripoff

We booked with this shoddy outfit but needed to change our booking. We knew this was going to cost a lot of money but as it was our need we paid £50 per person per flight - £500 to change. As if £500 was not bad enough they charged £877.20 to our credit card for the baggage charge again, apparently. We were not told that this would be charged again. no joy with Ryanair phone, email or chat support so will contact our booking company and complain there as you can't complain to Ryanair. It's simple everyone. We all know we should not book a holiday if Ryanair are involved. I am going to stop using any tour operator that uses Ryanair for any of its holidays. if that means that I have to book direct with the hotel and airline and pay a higher price so be it. The extra £800 makes Ryanair more expensive every time, so trying to save £200 never really works out.


ryan air is an outstanding advert for irsh aviation it is called arran air /air lingus the ultimate personal service never a problem even when flying with injuries
—Guest john

they robbed me head on

i was going to see my mom in Italy and only bought a couple clothe with my, my bag was LITTERALY EMPTY but they still charged me 50 euro cause it was off by 2 centimeters... do yourself a favor
—Guest Sergiu Girlea

the robbed me head on

i was going to see my mom in Italy and only bought a couple clothe with my, my bag was LITTERALY EMPTY but they still charged me 50 euro cause it was off by 2 centimeters... do yourself a favor
—Guest Sergiu Girlea

Money grabbers

My husband and I went to rome from stansted and back we were treated disgracefully. They charged us £140 because we didn't print off our boarding passes. We then had to buy another bag because our case was overweight even though I paid for this in England. All in all it cost us an extra £240. What I want to know is why they are continually allowed in this day and age to get away with this. The staff are rude and just don't care. In rome the girl on check in just sat there while we all waited. She played on her phone messed with her hair then a priest asked if she was actually working she yes. So why did she just sit there and say nothing? There was a cue a mile long and one other person checking people in. The government really needs to get this sorted out. everything about them is bad. Modern day highwaymen. A total disgrace. And to top it all my husband is disabled but were they bothered no !Just gives us your money that's all they want. The Italian staff said blame it on the Irish .
—Guest Michelle

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Readers Share Their Ryanair Experiences

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