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Bring knives and swords into the US from Spain

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By Bryce Holden

Question Summary

I was wondering as I was going through your top ten souvenirs to bring back how to get the sword from Toledo back to the U.S. I have always loved antique arms and armor and thought that would be something really cool to have but what does customs/ the TSA think about it? Oh and I'm surprised that Damascene Jewelery was not on the list because I hear about that a lot.

Background Info

Going to Spain in April with my school. I'm going with about 25 people. We are traveling all throughout Andalusia and Madrid. Want to bring back souvenirs for myself and family. Loved the list you made but had a few questions.


  • I do not have any advice. I was very pleased with all of your information.

Damian Corrigan, About.com Spain Travel, says:

As far as I know, each state has its own law regarding the possession of knives and swords. You will need to contact your local authority to find out what their position on this would be (I am not from the US so I don't know what they would think!).

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