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What the Best Spanish White Wines?

White Wines from Spain are less famous than the reds but just as good


Thomas Quine

White wine, a world of Spanish wine sadly often ignored outside the country.

Image: Thomas Quine/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)
White Rueda wine

Rueda is the most famous still white wine in Spain.

Image: Isabelle Palatin/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

Spain is known more for its red wines than its whites, but there are in fact a few very good white wines that come from Spain.

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The Best Spanish White Wine: Rueda

The most famous white wine in Spain comes from the Rueda wine-growing region (Valladolid, Segovia and Avila) in Castilla y Leon. Rueda is Spanish for 'wheel'.

The main grape used for Rueda is verdejo, though the wine is often a blend (with the rest usually made up with Sauvignon Blanc).

The Other Rioja: White Rioja!

Spain's most famous wine region, La Rioja, is mainly known for its red wines - but it also makes some good white wine too.

White Rioja is made from Viura (also known as Macabeo).

If you'd like to sample some Rioja where they actually make it, take a look at these Rioja Wine Tours

Spain's Other Famous White Wines

Though you didn't know Spain made good white wine, chances are you've already had some and you may even have some at home already. Because sherry is from Spain, as is cava.

Sherry is a fortified wine made in the city of Jerez in Andalusia. The name 'sherry' actually comes from the Arabic name for Jerez Šeriš (pronounced 'Sherish'). Read more about Sherry Bodegas in Jerez.

Cava is Catalonia's answer to French champagne. Catalans will tell you that Cava is every bit as good as champagne, even though it is sold at a fraction of the price.

Other excellent white wines in Spain are the Basque txakoli, a once much maligned white wine that is moving up market in its production techniques and quality, as well as ribeiro, a region of Galicia well known for its white wines. 

Experience White Wines in Spain

Spanish vineyards are not known for their ease of access and even when they are open to tourists, they usually concentrate on their red wines.

Guided Tours If you are interested in cava, Montserrat and Cava Trail Tour. Alternatively, if you're in Andalusia, you can try sherry in Jerez on this Jerez Guided Tour.

For a mammoth tour of Spain and Portugal's wine regions, check out this Seven-Day Wine Tour of Spain and Portugal, where you'll visit Rueda, Galicia and northern Portugal, all famous for their white wines.

Independent Vineyard Visits With white wine of less interest to tourists, there are no tours that focus exclusively on white wines. But when arranging your own vineyard visits, there'll often be a language barrier. Wine Tourism Spain, a wine tour company based in Spain, can arrange these visits for you for a very low price:


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