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Where can I book a hotel in Spain?


Question: Where can I book a hotel in Spain?

A list of useful websites for booking your accommodation in Spain.


Booking Rooms and Apartments in Spain with Airbnb

Airbnb is the new arrival on the accommodation booking scene. It allows you to book private rooms at local individuals' own homes through their secure website. As an example heck out some of the excellent deals you can get in Barcelona: Apartments and Rooms in Barcelona on Airbnb

Or browse all Apartments and Rooms on Airbnb

Booking Hotels in Spain with Venere or Kayak

Venere is an easy to use website with choices between cities, countryside and coast as well as handy preference settings, allowing you to look for apartments, residences or any star hotel you like.

Venere has my favorite interface of any hotel booking site. Plus, a unique feature of their service is that you pay nothing when you reserve, so you are free to cancel later.

Book a Hotel in Spain with Venere

Booking Hostels & Hostales in Spain

Hostelworld is great for the very cheapest accommodation. They mainly have backpackers hostels (also known as youth hostels), in which you share a room with a number of other people, as well as a few hostales, the Spanish word for guest house.

Breakfast is usually included at the backpackers hostels but not at the hostales.

Book Cheap Hostels at Hostelworld

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