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Reus Airport Transfer to Barcelona and Tarragona

How to Get to and from Reus for a Ryanair Flight


Reus airport
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Ryanair proudly declares that it flies to three Barcelona airports. In truth, the airline flies to Barcelona airport from a limited number of airports as well as Reus and Girona, two cities 100 kilometers outside of Barcelona. This page is about Reus airport.

With lots of cheap flights to Reus airport and with its proximity to Tarragona, Reus might seem as an attractive option for visiting Barcelona and Catalonia. However, Reus airport is far from Barcelona and badly connected to Tarragona. You will usually be better off using Barcelona Airport.

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If flying with Ryanair, you may want to take note of some of the Ryanair Charges you might succumb to.

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How to Get from Reus Airport to Barcelona

Below is information on how to get from Reus straight to Barcelona. However, if you intend in only visiting Barcelona, Reus is not the best airport to fly to. Plenty of budget airlines fly direct to Barcelona airport, including easyJet.

  • There is a transfer from Reus airport to Barcelona which costs around 22€ for a round trip. The journey takes 1h45.
  • The bus, which is run by Hispano Igualadina, coincides its buses with the flights to Reus airport. If you have a flight, you'll have a bus. If your flight is late, all of the bus's passengers will be later, so it will wait for you (though how long, I cannot say, especially late at night). To double check when the bus is due to leave, check the Hispano Igualadina website (it is in English and it works, a rarity for bus websites in Spain). Get your ticket on the bus, you cannot book in advance. And remember that they will only accept euros.

    The bus arrives at Sants station on Carrer Viriat (and leaves from the same place for your bus back to the airport).

  • A taxi can be 120€.
  • There is also a bus from Reus airport to Reus center.

    You can also hire a car directly from Reus airport. Compare Prices on Car Hire from Reus airport

How to Get from Reus Airport to Tarragona

  • There is a very infrequent bus from Reus Airport to Tarragona from Hispano Igualadina. The journey takes only 15 minutes and costs a couple of euros but it only runs three or four times a day. Buy the ticket in person on the bus.
  • A taxi will cost under 30 euros. 
  • If you don't want to wait for the bus or pay for the taxi, you could take a bus to the town of Reus and then another bus from Reus to Tarragona. However, this is not a very practical way of getting to Tarragona and negates the whole advantage of flying close to the airport nearest to Tarragona. 
  • An alternative is to not fly to Reus at all but to fly to Barcelona Airport, stay in Barcelona for a few days and visit Tarragona as a day trip. 

How to Get from Reus Center to Barcelona

  • The cheapest and quickest option is the train, but the service is infrequent. The journey takes between 1h30 and 2h30. Check Renfe for timetables and prices.

You can also hire a car from Reus. Compare Prices on Car Hire from Reus

If you want a short stop before you travel on to Barcelona, I recommend Tarragona, which is much better connected than Reus.

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Why Does Ryanair say Reus is in Barcelona When it Isn't?

Ryanair were kind enough to explain to me why they say Reus is a Barcelona airport when it isn't. Read their response here: Ryanair's Fights to 'Barcelona' or read the full list of Questions to Ryanair 

Where is Reus?

Reus is 100km to the south-west of Barcelona. The nearest famous city is Tarragona. The coast between Reus and Barcelona is littered with fine beaches.

What to Do in Reus

Not a lot, unless you're looking for beaches. Most people flying in to Reus head straight to Barcelona but a better idea is to spend a night or two in nearby Tarragona. With its Roman ruins and pleasant city center, Tarragona is definitely worth at least a night's stay.

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Where to Stay Near Reus

You will get cheaper accommodation in Tarragona or Barcelona than you will in Reus: Book Hotels in Tarragona

Alternatives to Reus

If your destination is Barcelona and not the beaches around Reus, there's no point really in flying here. There are plenty of flights directly to Barcelona that will be much cheaper than Ryanair, especially when you take into account the baggage fees and the time and cost involved in getting to Barcelona.

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Who flies to Reus?

The most famous airline to fly to Reus is Ryanair, but several other carriers have flights there too. To find out which airlines currently fly from your home airport to Reus, use the following price comparison site: Compare Prices on Flights to Reus.

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