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Malaga to Morocco

Head to Africa from the Costa del Sol


Morocco isn't all that far from Malaga and there are ferries, but actually getting from Malaga to Morocco is a little more complicated than you would hope.

You have three choices for getting from Malaga to Morocco:

  • Take a guided tour
  • Take a ferry from Malaga
  • Take a ferry from elsewhere in Spain

Guided Tours of Morocco from Malaga

A guided tour is the quickest and easiest way to get to Morocco from Malaga. You can choose between just visiting Tangier or a longer tour of the whole country.

Visiting Tangier from Malaga by Guided Tour One option is to take a day trip to Tangier, Morocco's main port city and the point where Africa almost touches Europe (there are just 14 kilometers between Spain and Morocco). This is the best option if you just want to touch African soil for a day, but not good as a gateway to the rest of Morocco.


Visiting the Rest of Morocco from Malaga by Guided Tour If you'd prefer to see more of Morocco than Tangier, you have these options:

Ferries from Other Cities in Spain

Main article: Best Ferries to Morocco.

The best two ports for getting from Spain to Morocco are Tarifa and Algeciras, not Malaga. The journey time is short and it costs just 25 euro. There are several voyages per day from Tarifa and three per day from Algeciras.

Not only are there more ferries from Tarifa, but they dock in Tangier itself, rather than the new out-of-town Tangier Med port that the other ferries go to. Book both Tangier and Algeciras from FRS. There are also ferries from Algeciras to Tangier Med and Ceuta from Trasmediterranea.

How to Get from Malaga to Tarifa or Algeciras

There are buses to both Tarifa and Algeciras from Malaga Bus Station. Tarifa has no train station and there are no direct trains to Algeciras - change in Antequera:

Ferries from Malaga to Morocco

The car ferry from Malaga, run by Acciona, to Morocco costs about 70 euros per person. It actually docks in Melilla, a Spanish enclave, but to all extents and purposes, that counts as Morocco.

The problem is that there are only one or two journeys a day and it is long (over seven hours). Often, the ferry leaves you in Melilla in the evening, with no time to get to one of the more interesting cities (Fes or Chefchaouen would be your obvious choices, but they're still quite far).


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