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Ryanair vs Easyjet

Budget Flights to Spain: A Comparison of Ryanair & Easyjet Flights


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Ryanair & easyJet - the leading lights of Europe's budget flight industry

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Every couple of years I do a Ryanair v easyJet price comparison. This year I've decided to take it further and compare more than just Ryanair and easyjet's prices.

Ryanair v easyJet - The Full Comparison

Ryanair vs Easyjet Price Comparison 2009

Over two years ago I did my second price comparison. See how the prices today compare to those in 2009.

Ryanair vs Easyjet Price Comparison 2006

And here is the first Ryanair v easyJet price comparison. What's changed over the years?

How this itinerary was chosen

The London-Barcelona itinerary was chosen as a typical Valentine's Day weekend break in a city that both airlines advertise flights to.

This is just a sample itinerary. Flight prices vary dramatically between airports, dates and how far in advance a booking is being made.

Notes on Ryanair & Easyjet Price Comparison Table

All prices were charged in Pounds Sterling on the website (as the outward flight starts in a UK airport) and then converted to euros. Some prices differ if origin airport is in euroland.








  1. Itinerary Both flights depart from London Stansted; Easyjet fly to Barcelona's main airport, Ryanair fly to Reus, an airport 100km away from Barcelona. Ryanair also fly to Girona, also 100km away. Both airports are labelled 'Barcelona' airports on the Ryanair website.
  2. Advertised Price Prices on airline website 10/16/06, before taxes, fees and charges are added.
  3. Taxes, Fees + Charges Ryanair explain their fees as 'Government Tax', PSC and 'Ins & Wchr Levy'. Easyjet do not explain theirs on the booking page.
  4. Hand Baggage Allowance Easyjet's hand baggage limit is double that of Ryanair. Bags checked into the hold with Ryanair cost 5� in advance and 10� on the day. With Easyjet it costs 7� in advance and 14� at the airport. From November 1 2006, Ryanair's checked baggage allowance is going down to 15kg per person (down from the previous 20kg). Additional luggage will cost 5.50GBP/5� per kg over the 15kg allowance.

    Both Ryanair and easyJet have hand baggage size restrictions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (21.6" x 15.7" x 7.8"). To make sure your luggage meets these standards, get one of these Carry-On Suitcases.

  5. Price for Taking a 15kg Bag Each 15kg is the weight of a sample case I packed - including change of clothing (including evening wear, wet weather clothes), toiletries (including hairdryer) a book, snacks and reading material for the plane.
    Ryanair requires that you check a 15kg bag into the hold, with Easyjet you can carry it on to the plane.
  6. Credit Card Fee Easyjet adds a single 7.50� for the transaction, Ryanair adds 2.50� per journey per passenger. If flying alone, Easyjet's credit card fee is higher than Ryanair's. If flying as a group, Ryanair's fees are higher - a family of six will pay 30� in credit card fees.
  7. Transfer from Airport to Barcelona Center Easyjet flies to Barcelona, a 3� bus each way per person. Ryanair flies to Reus, an 11� bus each way per person.
  8. Insurance Insurance is option with both airlines but both add it automatically - customer must remove it themselves.

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