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Train from London to Madrid or Barcelona

How to get from London, England to Spain via the Channel Tunnel and Paris


Taking the train from London to Madrid or Barcelona is a great way to visit Spain with a not unpleasant diversion through France. The journey will be getting quicker soon: Madrid to Paris by High Speed Train.

It is possible to take the train all the way from London to Madrid or Barcelona with just a change in Paris. Unfortunately, you have to change train stations, but why not spend a day or two in Paris between journeys?

If you plan on visiting multiple cities in France and Spain, making a number of train journeys in each country, you may want to consider getting the Eurail France-Spain Pass, which gives you up to ten days of train travel in Spain and France for a very reasonable price. As French train tickets cost more than Spanish ones, the more journeys you make in France, the better value you'll find the Eurail pass. Buy a Eurail France-Spain Pass

London to Madrid or Barcelona by Train - Itinerary

  • London to Paris by Eurostar
    • Depart: London St Pancras (as of November 2007, there are no longer Eurostar trains from Waterloo).
    • Arrive: Paris Gare de Nord
    • Travel Time: 2h15
      Book Eurostar tickets (book direct)

  • Paris Gare de Nord to Paris d'Austerlitz
    You will need to travel by public transport between these two stations. Why not break up the journey by staying the night in Paris?

    Here you have two choices. If you decided to visit Barcelona first, it is easy to get from there to Madrid on the new high-speed AVE train. Read more on the AVE in Spain.

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    2. Paris to Barcelona by train

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