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Trains from Spain to Portugal

Train Travel in Spain: Trains from Portugal to Spain


On this page you will find details of trains from Spain to Portugal.

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Train Routes Between Spain and Portugal

There are three train routes between Spain and Portugal. They are:
  • Madrid to Lisbon
    This route stops at Avila, Salamanca and Coimbra (among other smaller stops). This is a night service: arriving in Madrid or Lisbon at around 7am is OK, but getting off any earlier will land in a new city at an ungodly hour of the morning.
    Madrid to Lisbon travel time: nine-and-a-half hours.
    Salamanca to Lisbon travel time: six-and-a-half hours
    Salamanca to Coimbra travel time: five hours
    Madrid to Coimbra travel time: just under nine hours (arrives at 5am).
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    Making the journey from Madrid to Lisbon with stops in Salamanca and Coimbra is an excellent way to break up this mammoth journey. Both cities are worth at least a night.
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  • San Sebastian to Lisbon
    This route starts in France and stops in San Sebastian in the Basque Country, before stopping in Vitoria, Burgos, Salamanca and Coimbra. It has moved to an overnight service.
    San Sebastian to Lisbon travel time: 12 hours
    Burgos to Lisbon travel time: 10-and-a-half hours
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  • Vigo to Porto
    This connection between Galicia in north-west Spain and Porto in northern Portugal passes through small Spanish and Portuguese towns and villages.
    You can book tickets for the Portuguese leg online but you will need to book the Spanish section in person.

Discontinued Routes

There used to be a connection from Lisbon to Caceres but this no longer exists.

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