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Elipsos Train Hotel

Info on the Elipsos Train Hotel from Spain to France, Switzerland and Italy.


The Elipsos Train Hotel (or trenhotel, as Elipsos calls it), is the train service between Spain and France, Switzerland and Italy.

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Elipsos Train Hotel Routes

  • Madrid - Valladolid - Burgos - Vitoria - Poitiers - Blois - Orléans - Paris

  • Barcelona - Girona - Figueres - Perpignan - Limoges - Orléans - Paris

  • Barcelona - Girona - Figueres - Perpignan - Geneva - Lausanne - Fribourg - Bern - Zurich

  • Barcelona - Girona - Figueres - Perpignan - Bardonecchia - Turin - Novara - Milan

Elipsos Train Hotel Ticket Types

There are four classes aboard the Elipsos Train Hotel: grand class, club class, tourist class and super-reclining seats. The grand class includes a la carte dinner, breakfast, newspapers and magazines, en suite shower and toilet, air conditioning and wake-up call. They even provide a full toiletries kit. The other classes provide less facilities.

For more information see: Elipsos Train Hotel Facilities

How to Buy Elipsos Train Hotel Tickets

If you're based in the US or Canada, you can book your tickets here: Book Train Tickets in Europe. Otherwise, buy your ticket in person at the train station.

Elipsos Train Hotel Food

Full a la carte menu is included in the price for the grand class. Breakfast is included for grand and club class.

Other passengers will pay just over 30 euros for a three course meal and about nine euros for breakfast.

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