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Getting to and from Buñol from Valencia for Tomatina

Tomatina Tomato Fight: Getting to and from Buñol (Bunyol)


Unless you decide to party all night in Buñol (sometimes known as Bunyol), which is certainly an option as there will be bars open throughout the night, you will need to get from Valencia to Buñol on the morning of Tomatina.

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  • Tomatina Tomato Fight Guide Tomatina Tickets From 2013, you'll need a ticket to join the fun.


    Tomatina Tours

    One possibility is to take an Tour of Tomatina and all the trouble will be taken out of your hands.

    This One-Day Tomatina Tour will make sure you get there in time, without any unnecessary extras like accommodation, etc.

    But if you want a full-tour, check out these Tomatina Tours.

    Otherwise, these tips will help you get to Tomatina in plenty of time.


    Getting from Valencia to Buñol on the Morning of Tomatina by Public Transport


    • Try to get to Valencia train station for 6.30am. If you get the 7am train, you'll be in Buñol for 7.45am and at the scene of the Tomatina Tomato Fight just after 8am. The crowds at this point are only just starting to gather, so you can get a good vantage point for the Ham Up a Greasy Pole. If you arrive any later than this, you'll struggle to get close to the action.


    • The line for the ticket office shouldn't be too long at this time, but if it is, buy your ticket from the ticket machine. Try to bring coins - the machine does take notes, but you can't guarantee it will be working. Unfortunately, you can't buy your tickets in advance.

    To get the most out of Tomatina once you're there, read these Tomatina Tips and Advice


    Getting back to Valencia from Buñol after the Tomatina Tomato Fight is Over

    Some things you need to know about what happens after the Tomatina Tomato Fight finishes.


    1. At 12noon exactly, the horn sounds the end of the tomato fight. Respect those around you and stop throwing tomatoes. You've had the liberty of having a food fight in the street without being arrested, now is the time to get back to the real world. If you enjoyed it so much, come back next year!


    2. The police will usher you along back towards the train station. I don't know what you do if you are staying in Buñol and I don't know if the police know what to do either! Just go with the flow until you are out of the dense crowds and make your way back when you get a chance.


    3. Take advantage of the Buñol residents who shower you with water from their hoses. You will not be allowed on the train back to Valencia if you are still covered in tomato and you will be forced to join the long line for the shower outside the station. The train security will also prevent you bringing alcohol on the train with you, so don't buy a big liter of beer just before you get to the station if you want to get going quickly!

    See pictures of the Tomatina Aftermath.

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