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Tomatina Tomato Fight 2014

Essential tips & advice the world's biggest food fight!


Unless you're a regular at fruit-throwing festivals, chances are you've never been to anything like the Tomatina Tomato Fight before. These tips come from my personal experience of the Tomatina Tomato Fight festival, along with additional suggestions from other people who have attended.

Tomatina features in my list of the Best Parties in Spain.

Tickets for Tomatina 2014

Since 2013, the government in Buñol (where Tomatina takes place), has introduced a 10€ entry fee. Read more about Tomatina Tickets.

Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival 2014: Quick Links

Pictures of the Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival

See pictures from the Tomatina Tomato Fight: Tomatina Pictures

And don't miss the crazy pre-fight event, which involves a ham, a greasy pole and lots of sweaty bodies: Ham Up a Greasy Pole at Tomatina

Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival 2014 For Novices

  1. The Origins of the Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival
  2. Timetable of Events at the Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival
  3. Tomatina Festival Dates for 2014, 2015 and 2016


    How to Get to the Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival

  4. Are there any Tomatina Guided Tours?
  5. What's the Best Way to See the Tomatina Tomato Fight?
  6. Buses & Trains to Valencia for Tomatina Festival
  7. Flights for Tomatina Festival (to Valencia and Other Nearby Airports)
  8. Tomatina Festival Accommodation in Valencia (& Elsewhere)
  9. How to Get From Valencia to Buñol & Back

    Preparing for Tomatina Tomato Fight 2014

  10. What to Wear & Bring to the Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival
  11. How to Waterproof Your Camera for the Tomatina Festival .
  12. Tips on Getting the Most out of the Tomatina Tomato Fight

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