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Tomatina Tomato Fight Dates: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and more

When is Tomatina?


On this page you will find the dates for the Tomatina Tomato Fight festival in the years 2013 to 2020.

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Dates for Tomatina

  • Tomatina 2013 August 28
  • Tomatina 2014 August 27
  • Tomatina 2015 August 26
  • Tomatina 2016 August 31
  • Tomatina 2017 August 30
  • Tomatina 2018 August 29
  • Tomatina 2019 August 28
  • Tomatina 2020 August 26

Is Tomatina the Fourth or the Last Wednesday of August?

Most Augusts only have four Wednesdays and usually, the Tomatina Tomato Fight takes place on the fourth and last Wednesday of the month. However, 2001 had five Wednesday and the event was (apparently) held on the 22nd - the fourth Wednesday - not on the last Wednesday of the month. But in August 2007, which again had five Wednesdays, the even was held on the last Wednesday of the month. Confused? I am!

I emailed the organizers of the event and they have told me the event is always held on the last Wednesday of August.

It can be difficult to get accommodation on the night before the festival. For a bed in a youth hostel, check HostelWorld.

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