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El Born Nightclubs Barcelona

El Born Barcelona's Best Nightclubs


From Magic to Mix, here's a guide to the best nightclubs in El Born Barcelona. If you don't mind smaller nightclubs where space is at a premium, El Born has some inviting spots for a boogie. For the best nightclubs in this area, you have to head for the part closest to Ciutadella Park. This is where virtually all of them are clustered. If you're looking for huge, three-floor affairs with famous international DJs you'll have to try a different neigbourhood.

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1. Mix

This one, at Carrer Comerç 21 has a very bling ambiance, with lots of glitter and spangle. The music is mostly funky stuff. The cocktails are superb, but costly. A place to practise your posing and your chat-up lines.

2. Magic

Magic is all about rock n' roll. It has three rooms and a wild, untamed atmosphere, on the corner of Ribera with Marques de Argentera. 

3. DioBar

Immediately opposite Ciutadella Park's southern gates on Marques de Argentera is DioBar, which has a Greek restaurant upstairs and a banging dungeon club downstairs. It's particularly rocking on thursdays and saturdays. The DJs play mostly rap, funk and soul.

4. Suborn

Suborn is right beside DioBar opposite Ciutadella. It's small but intimate and enticing. And the dancefloor get very lively after midnight with really good in-house DJs playing mostly electronic tunes.

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