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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona


Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià

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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona is renowned Catalan chef Ferran Adrià's tapas bar on Avinguda Parallel. Tickets Restaurant Barcelona showcases the very best Spanish and Catalan tapas cuisine right in the heart of the city.

When the award-winning chef Ferran Adrià decided to close his hyper-famous restaurant El Bulli, he began planning Tickets. The restaurant is the brainchild of his allegiance with his brother Albert and the Iglesias family, who own another Barcelona institution, Rías de Galicia.

The locale has the outdoorsy feel of a market, thanks to details such as Venetian blinds, patio seating and market-style counters. As well as a trencadi (typically Catalonian fragmented tiling effect) floor, the decor features panels explaining the history of tapas, beginning en education which continues with a selection of dishes elaborating classic tapas concepts into refined and surprising treats for the palate such as fried whitebait with algae and liquid Payoyo cheese ravioli.

Tickets has five stalls, where you can witness chefs at work. At the front of the restaurant is a lively bar, the Camarote de los Marx, which leads through to the different tapas stalls. La Presimida is inspired by the Mediterranean and offers the freshest catch from the sea. La Estrella is a section dedicated to beer and drinks, in particular, locally brewed Estrella Damm.

Nostromo 180286 is all about xuxis, small, gourmet bites packed with flavour, such as baby squid with almond paste and manchego cheese ice cream. Garatje, which has an industrial appearance inspired by Barcelona's ports, features wonderful meats and pan amb tomaquet (breat with crushed tomato and olive oil). Dessert is covered by La Dolça, a stall with sweet-tooths in mind.

Tickets is open for lunch between 1 and 3.30 pm and dinner between 7 and 11.30. It's closed on mondays and most sundays. Book well in advance. This is a Ferran Adrià restaurant, after all.

Essential Information

Address: Avinguda Parallel, 164, Barcelona, 08015

Website: www.tickets.es

Getting there: The nearest metro station is Poble Sec (Green Line)

Getting To Barcelona: Barcelona is served by Barcelona El Prat Airport, and Renfe trains connect from all other major Spanish cities to Sants Estacio.

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