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Things to Do in Spain - What to Do in Spain

Whether your vice is food, wines, watersports or just lying on beaches, there'll be something in Spain that will appeal to you. Ideas for what to do in Spain, including suggested itineraries, monuments and buildings to visit, cycling and trekking tours, and anything else to satisfy your specific interests.
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  2. Spanish Festivals
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  4. Teaching English in Spain (9)
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  8. Religious Activities (4)
  9. Learning Spanish (18)
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100 Things to Do in Madrid
Anyone who thinks there's nothing to do in Madrid should try to work through this list before they judge the city!

Top Ten Spain
Get up to speed quickly for your Spain vacation with this series of top tens about Spain.

Best of Spain | What is the Best Thing About Spain?
What is the best thing that Spain has to offer?

Photography Tours of Spain
Need some new ideas for your photos? Tired of 'This is me in front of the Sagrada Familia/Alhambra/Cathedral'? Then take a photography tour of in one of Spain's most picturesque cities.

What is Spain Like in Winter?
Find out what Spain is like in winter.

Hammam de Granada Turkish-Style Thermal Bath in Granada
Details of Granada's Hammam, not far from Plaza Nueva

Medina Mayrit: Turkish-Style Thermal Bath in Madrid
Details of Madrid's Hammam, not far from Puerta del Sol.

Turkish Thermal Baths in Spain
Turkish-style thermal baths, or hammams, are known in Spanish as baños arabes (Arab baths) and as Banys Arabs in Catalan. They are especially common in the south, with most of Andalusia's main cities having one, while there is also one in Madrid too.

Note that they aren't all still in use! Some are in ruins and are only of archeological interest. The thermal baths on this page are the ones t…

Guided Tour of Morocco (departing from Spain)
Information about a guided tour of Morocco from the Costa del Sol or Tarifa.

Movie Theaters in Spain
Information about movie theaters in Spain, with a list of movie theaters showing movies in the English language.

Excursions to Morocco from Spain
Tips on how to get to Morocco from Spain. Departure cities in Spain, arrival points in Spain, where to go, etc. Includes links to guided tours.

Top 10 Things to Do in Spain
The best ten things to do in Spain, from eating tapas and trying authentic paella to visiting the best museums in Madrid and checking out La Sagrada Familia

Festivals Month by Month - What's on When & Where
There's nothing worse than arriving in a town just as the locals are clearing up from their festival the week before. Never miss a beat with this guide to where to be in Spain in each month of the year.

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Tarifa, Straits of Gibraltar
Picture gallery and article on whale and dolphin watching in Tarifa, Straits of Gibraltar. Pictures of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Top 20 Things to do in Spain
A nice checklist of things to do while on vacation in Spain.

Bullfighting Calendar in Andalusia
When to catch bullfights in the month ahead.

Food and Wine Tours in Seville
Some great gastronomical tours in Seville, Andalucia.

Spanish Arts - Spanish Music, Architecture, Literature and Art
A great website on Spanish Music, Architecture, Literature and Art

Activities for All the Family
A site intended for travel with children, but the ideas they suggest are good for grown-ups too! Sadly, more searching is needed as none of the ideas have links.

Ten Things to Do in Spain
Another list of things to do in Spain.

iberianature: A guide to the environment, climate, wildlife, & nature
A guide to the environment, climate, wildlife, & nature .

World Heritage Sites in Spain
World Heritage Sites in Spain, including links to images.

What's Cool in Spain?
What's Cool in Spain?See submissions

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