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Suggested Itineraries in Spain

Suggested Routes Around Spain


A fountain on Paseo de Prado in Madrid
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Barcelona is a popular stop on many people's itineraries in Spain

Image: (c) Damian Corrigan
Alhambra, Granada

Alhambra, Granada

Image: Damian Corrigan

Spain is a relatively big country by European standards, and the darned guy that designed the place didn't put all the good bits next to each other! These suggested itineraries point out what's worth seeing in Spain and how long to spend in each place, as well as full details on transport between cities. Don't forget to add Day Trips to your itinerary.

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Independent or Guided Tour?

These itineraries are for the independent traveler who likes to arrange everything themselves. If you'd prefer to have everything arranged for you, a guided tour may be better for you. The following page has a number of guided tours of Spain and the rest of Europe in order of duration (from two to 22 days!):

Still here? Presumably that means you want to do this the hard(er) way! Then read on...

Suggested Itinerary: The Big Three

If you're a city-type that wants to see Spain's biggest cities on your trip here, this Big Three Itinerary covers Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia - the country's biggest cities by population - in a tight triangle that squeezes in a stop in Zaragoza too. Much of the journey can be taken by high-speed AVE train or by bus if you're on a tighter budget. There's also a Guided Tour of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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Madrid and Barcelona are obviously Spain's two most famous cities and if you can't decide between Madrid or Barcelona: Which Should You Visit? then this is an ideal way to cover them both. Would I recommend Valencia? It's a very pleasant city that is a lot more relaxed than it's two bigger brothers, but it's not a must-see. I would recommend perhaps just taking the train from Madrid to Barcelona and then returning to Madrid before doing a tour of Andalusia.

Suggested Itinerary: Andalusia

Andalusia has the highest concentration of tourist sights in the whole of Spain. The high-speed AVE train can take you from Madrid to Cordoba and on to Seville. After that, a stop in Granada to see the Alhambra is a must.

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Off the Beaten Path: North-West Spain Itinerary

Barcelona and Andalusia are the obvious choices when visiting Spain. If you've visited them both before or you'd prefer to avoid the tourist masses, check out this Suggested Itinerary of North-West Spain for some of Spain's lesser-known sights.

Extended Suggested Itineraries: Starting & Ending in Madrid or Barcelona

Don't like these itineraries? Read these Tips for Planning Your Own Itinerary Around Spain and organize your own.

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