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Soccer in Spain

Sport in Spain: Futbol in Spain


They say that soccer (futbol to the Spanish) is like a religion in Spain. It would be perhaps more accurate to say that religion is like soccer in Spain, such is the devotion expressed by the Spanish to their beloved sport. While once upon a time the essential Sunday activity was going to church in the morning, now it is watching the Sunday night fixtures.

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Spain has a great history of soccer, arguably only beaten by England and Italy in terms of footballing heritage. Real Madrid are the most successful soccer team in Europe, though their statistics are bumped up by being sponsored by General Franco during the 1950s.

Soccer in Spain is inexpensive with tickets available at times for less than 20€ from the clubs themselves. Realistically you should be looking to pay about 35€ to see a game unless you purchase tickets from a tout in the street. Of course for the bigger games, buying from a tout may be the only option!


Getting to Know Spanish Soccer (Futbol)

Spanish football is played in four professional leagues with promotion and relegation taking place at the end of each season. The season itself running between mid September and mid May. During this time each Saturday and Sunday sees over 100 professional games taking place across the country.

Sitting atop the pyramid of leagues is the 20 teams in Liga A (known simply as "La Liga" in other European countries). Each team will play each other once at home and once away within a season.

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