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How to Play 'El Gordo' Lottery in Spain

Playing El Gordo (The Fat One) - The World's Biggest Lottery


The Spanish Christmas Lottery, known as 'El Gordo' in Spanish (or 'The Fat One'), has the biggest prize pool of any lottery in the world. Read more about El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery.

How to Play El Gordo Christmas Lottery in Spain

Because of the unique way El Gordo is played (the expensive tickets are broken down into 10 smaller tickets), it can be quite sociable to play the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Read on for details:

  • On Your Own - If you are in Spain before December 7, go into an official 'Loteria Nacional' office - every town will have one. You don't need to buy a whole ticket, but if you don't and your ticket wins, you'll be sharing your winnings with a stranger! Tickets go on sale in the summer.

  • With Friends - Buy a whole ticket with friends and share out the decimos amongst yourselves. As everyone gets their own decimo, there can be no cheating - everyone gets their share!

  • At a Bar in Spain - If you see a number written in a window, enquire to see if they have any tickets left. Then chat with your new found friends over a beer about how you would all spend your winnings!

  • On the Internet - There is a number of organizations offering tickets online. One such organization with a good reputation is thefatone.com.

  • As Part of a Syndicate

Read more about El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery.

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