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Make an International Phone Call in Spain

Calling the USA, UK, Australia & Europe from Spain


Tuenti, a popular option for making calls when visiting Spain

Tuenti, a popular option for making calls when visiting Spain

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Need to keep in touch with loved ones while on your travels in Spain? There are a number of options open to you for making international calls here. Matters are made much easier if you have a cellphone that is compatible with Spain's network (some older American phones won't be compatible). 

First things first: find out of you have a compatible phone. Your phone needs to be unlocked and GSM compatible.

More on Telephones in Spain

Get Multiple International Phone Numbers on a Single Phone

By far the best solution now for making international calls in Spain is the new Toggle Mobile service, which gives you nine international phone numbers on a single SIM.

Check out my Toggle Mobile review.

The Most Convenient Phone and Data Solution When You're in Spain

If you don't have time to book order a special SIM for traveling, the Tuenti SIM from Telefonica is easily available and includes the following: 

  • 1Gb of Data for internet and email on your smartphone
  • First 30 minutes of every phone call within Spain is free
  • Free to receive calls from any country.
  • Calls to the EU cost 36c per minute (with a 60.5c connection charge).
  • Calls to other countries cost 1.03€ per minute (with a 96.8c connection charge) 

You can get a Tueni SIM at the Telefonica building on Gran Via in Madrid and, I believe, any Movistar store.

Read more about Tuenti international tariffs 

Happy Movil SIM card

Happy Móvil charges 5.8c per minute for calls to landlines in Western Europe, the US & Canada and Australia. Cell phone calls cost 20c per minute (5.8c to the US and Canada). Taxes are not included in the above cost and there's also a 30c connection charge . Receiving calls is free, no matter where the call comes from.

Advantages of Happy Móvil

  • Very easy to use Buy the card, put it in your phone and voila you have a Spanish SIM card. Just dial the numbers as normal.
  • Low initial cost For 10€ you have a card with 5€ of credit that you can start using straight away. According to the Happy Movil website, this 5€ will get you 71.5 minutes of call time to calls charged at 5.8c/min. Note this is for one continuous call - because of the 30c connection charge, if you make more calls you will not get the full 71.5 minutes.
  • Not the cheapest calls When you add the 30c connection charge and the taxes, the price becomes less competitive.
  • Calls within Spain are also cheap: calls cost 15c/minute any time of day (10c/minute to other Happy Móvil users), plus tax.


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