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New Spanish National Anthem Lyrics - English Translation

English translation of the new lyrics to the Spanish National Anthem


In January 2008, new lyrics to the Spanish national anthem, La Marcha Real, were revealed. The Spanish national anthem had been lyric-less since the death of dictator General Franco in the 1970s. But when the Spanish Olympic Committee heard fans of the English soccer team Liverpool FC sing the club's anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone', it was decided that Spain too should have lyrics to its national anthem. On this page you will find the English translation to the new lyrics.

However, many Spaniards have ridiculed the idea and the lyrics never caught on.

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English Translation of the new lyrics to the Spanish National Anthem

Long live Spain!
We sing together,
with different voices,
and only one heart.
Long live Spain!
From the green valleys,
to the immense sea,
a hymn of brotherhood.
Love the Fatherland,
which knows how to embrace,
below the blue sky,
people in freedom.
Glory to the sons,
who have given to history,
justice and greatness,
democracy and peace.

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