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Life & Culture In Spain - Understanding Spanish Culture & Way of Life

From sleeping in the daytime to killing bulls for fun, the Spanish way of life is often quite different from any other. Find out all about Spain's obsession with partying, the art of bullfighting and some more mundane aspects of life like buying a lottery ticket and the new smoking laws.
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  4. Facts About Spain (9)
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  6. Spanish Weather (38)
  7. Living in Spain (3)
  8. Spanish Politics (7)
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Movies About Barcelona
Movies Set in Barcelona, Discover Barcelona in Film, Barcelona in Film Guide, Information About Barcelona in Film.

Books About Barcelona
Information About Books About Barcelona. Guide to Books About Barcelona. Discover Books About Barcelona

Superstitions in Spain
What are some Superstitions in Spain?

When is Mother's Day in Spain celebrated?
When is Mother's Day in Spain celebrated?

Spanish Customs and Traditions
Many aspects of Spanish life have become legendary around the globe. But a lot of tourists only have a hazy idea of what flamenco is, how to spot a good paella, how to go about eating tapas, etc. These tips on this page should help you.

What is the Origin of the Black Bull and Red & Black Bottle Sign?
What is the origin of the black bull and the red and black bottle that you see on the side of highways in Spain?

How to Play 'El Gordo' Lottery in Spain
How to play El Gordo (The Fat One), the largest lottery in the world.

In The Garlic
A review of In The Garlic, an informative, fun guide to Spain.

Spanish Place Names: Confusing Spanish Spelling & Pronuncation
Issues surrounding the pronunciation of Spanish place names.

Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett
A review of the new book by Giles Tremlett's Ghosts of Spain, a history of modern day Spain.

Do the Spanish really sleep during the siesta and why?
The siesta in Spain. Does the siesta still exist in Spain and why?

Myths & Misconceptions About Spain
Some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Spain. Do the Spanish really all love flamenco, bullfighting, sangria and paella?

Can you smoke in public places in Spain?
Smoking in Spain.

Which Languages are Spoken in Spain?
Which languages are spoken in Spain, both officially and unofficially.

How to Spot a Guiri
A 'guiri' is the Spanish term for what the Mexicans call a 'gringo' - a laughable foreigner that stands out like a sore thumb in Spain. How to spot a guiri and how to avoid being one.

Making an International Call in Spain
How to make an international phone call from Spain.

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Spend Twenty-Four Hours in Spain
The Spanish lifestyle is often quite different to that in the US or the rest of Western Europe. Advice on when and how to eat, sleep and see the sites in Spain.

Bullfighting - Art or Cruelty to Animals?
Few Spanish traditions divide opinion as much as bullfighting. For every bull aficionado willing to defend their art there are ten who see it as just cruelty to animals and want it banned - yet still the practice goes on.

Christmas in Spain
What happens in Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of Spain over Christmas.

Human Castle Building in Spain
Human Castle Building in Spain

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