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Carnival in Spain


The week before Lent is carnival time in Spain. There is no one way that carnival is celebrated in Spain - each one of the below cities has a slightly different style. You will find some sort of celebration in most cities in Spain, but these five are the best places to be.

The carnival in Spain ends with the bizarre burial of a sardine. Read more about the Entierro de la Sardina.

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1. Carnival in Tenerife, Spain

Image: Laurenz (Creative Commons/Some Rights Reserved)
The most glamorous of the carnaval celebrations, this is the carnival that most resembles the big event in Rio. As Tenerife is closer to Africa than Europe, the weather will be warm.

2. Carnival in Cadiz, Spain

The carnival in Cadiz has a healthy dose of music and comedy added to the mix.

3. Carnival in Sitges, Spain

The large gay community in Sitges has made the their carnival one of the wildest affairs in Spain.

4. Carnival in Chueca (Madrid), Spain

Madrid has everything - and that includes a carnival. Expect most of the action to be in the Chueca district, which is Madrid's gay neighborhood.

5. Carnival in Ciudad de Rodrigo, Spain

Very little do with the carnival as seen in other parts of Spain - this is a bullfighting event. The public is invited to get involved and have a fight with a young bull.

6. Carnival in Vilanova, Spain

Continued to hold carnival celebrations during Franco's rule, despite the fact the dictator banned it, this seaside town's festivities begin with a meringue fight on the Thursday!

7. Carnival in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona isn't well known for its Carnival, but it does have one big parade each year that is worth heading to see if you're in town. The venue changes each year but it always takes place on Carnival Saturday. Ask at the tourist office when you're in the city for more information.

8. Villanueva de la Vera in Extremadura

Villanueva de la Vera's take on carnival time includes a giant puppet and is called the Peropalo. Lots of drinking in the streets, and a donkey is paraded around the town, for some reason.

9. Carnival in Badajoz, Spain

Thanks to @GEdutravel for informing me about this carnival in Extremadura. See the official site here (Spanish only): Carnival in Badajoz

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