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Top Ten Traditional Festivals in Spain


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Cristianos y Moros
Top Ten Traditional Festivals in Spain

Moros y Cristianos

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On this page you will find information about Cristianos y Moros, one of the best festivals in Spain.

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Cristianos y Moros


Each of the many towns that celebrate Crisianos y Moros do so at various times of the year. See the Spanish Wikipedia article on Cristianos y Moros for some dates (though the link is in Spanish, the dates are pretty self expanatory).


Many Web sites are very vague about where you can see a Moros y Cristianos festival, often simply stating "Alicante". Other sites list a single town as being the focal point of the festivities, when in actual fact there are many towns where the event is celebrated.

The Moros y Cristianos event is most popular in the Alicante region, but it is popular throughout much of the south of Spain (there is a number of events in Granada). See the above link for an extensive list of where Cristianos y Moros is celebrated in Spain.


The Cristianos y Moros celebration (Moors & Christians in English) is a slightly tongue-in-cheek commemoration of the Moorish control of Spain and a celebration of the sebsequent return to Christian rule.

Participants condense 700 years of Moorish rule into an evening's worth of mock battles, centered around a papier-mache castle, erected either in the main square or on the beach. In the first battle, the Moors take control of the city (boo! hiss!); in the second, the Christians take the city back (hurrah!).

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