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Top Ten Traditional Festivals in Spain


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Feria de Sevilla
Top Ten Traditional Festivals in Spain

Flamenco dancers at the Feria de Sevilla

Image: Elle Carreras
On this page you will find information about the Ferria de Sevilla, one of the best festivals in Spain.

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Feria de Sevilla


Normally two weeks after Semana Santa. It runs from midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning and finishes on the following Sunday night/Monday morning.


The clue is in the name!


After all the piety of Easter (even if this piety is done in Seville's usual extravagant style), the Feria de Sevilla is that holiday everyone needs to get over the previous one!

The Feria de Sevilla is a microcosm of everything Andalusia is famous for: flamenco, bullfighting, horses and sherry. Local well-to-do families spend a lot of money on renting marquees (casetas in Spanish) for their friends and families to enjoy their party.

The marquees vary greatly; some are open to the public, many are not. Political groups (especially left-wing parties) sell and give away propaganda, while other marquees are famous for other more alcohol-based reasons!

The Feria de Sevilla has something for everyone - rides and animals for the children, music, dancing and copious amounts for the adults and bullfighting for those interested in this particular aspect of Spanish culture. The partying goes on virtually 24 hours a day, with horse parades and traditional music during the day and hedonistic partying at night.

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