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Best Parties in Spain


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Summer in Ibiza
Best Parties in Spain

Caal Smile at Amnesia Superclub in Ibiza

Image: Amnesia (Some Rights Reserved)

Where? Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain.

When? Start of June until early October

What's Ibiza all about?

Ibiza is Spain's premier party island. There are superclubs that run seven days a week, throughout the long, long summer.


Ibiza Party Tours

Ibiza's party cities are best enjoyed in a large group. If you don't have a big group of buddies to book with, check out one of these party tours:

What Else to Do in Ibiza

See Things to Do in Ibiza

How to Get to Ibiza

There are flights directly to Ibiza. You also take a ferry from various islands or from the mainland (the tours above include a ferry from or to Valencia).

Best Accommodation for Ibiza

If all you want to do is party, party, party, then San Antonio is the best place to stay. Accommodation in the town center is more expensive, so why not stay across the bay, where there is a cheap ferry that can take you into town for your nights out?

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