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Best Parties in Spain


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Where are the Best Spanish Fiestas?
Best Parties in Spain
Spain has festivals going on almost every day of the year. Some have a religious focus, some are for special interests, but the majority are just great big parties.

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Even some of the festivals that originated as a religious event have descended into large amounts of drinking eating and dancing in the streets. But it's important to know which ones - turn up at 3pm in Toledo during Semana Santa with a large Spanish gin and tonic in your hands and you'll be frowned at.

Over the next few pages you'll find my favorite parties in Spain. They're great for a stag do or hen party, lads' weekend away or a birthday party. Jump to the Spain party of your choice below or click 'Next' further down the page.

Best Parties in Spain

  1. Las Fallas
  2. Running of the Bulls
  3. Tomatina Tomato Fight
  4. Batalla del Vino (Wine Fight)
  5. Summer in Ibiza
  6. Carnival in Spain
  7. Primavera Sound Music Festival in Barcelona

If you're traveling alone, there are tours available for many of these parties, to give you some ready-made friends for the event: Spain Party Tours

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