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Festivals in Spain - Spanish Celebrations of Culture, Film & Music

It often seems like every day is a festival in Spain. But with every city (and many towns and villages) having its own festival and numerous other Saints and events to celebrate (not to mention the film and music festivals), that sometimes doesn't feel too far from the truth!
  1. Las Fallas (7)
  2. Music Festivals in Spain (13)
  3. Pamplona Bull Run (39)
  4. Semana Santa (Easter) (13)
  5. Tomatina Tomato Fight (18)
  6. By Region (46)
  7. Film (1)
  8. By Month (81)
  9. Carnival in Spain (3)
  10. Christmas in Spain (24)

Things the Spanish Like to Throw at Festivals
Everyone knows the Spanish like to throw tomatoes at each other - but that's not all. Check out the other weird, wonderful and downright disgusting things that get thrown around in the name of tradition.

Fiestas in Spain
Fiestas in Spain. Information about the most famous fiestas in Spain.

How do the Spanish Celebrate Valentine's Day?
Information on how the Spanish celebrate Valentine's Day.

Best Parties in Spain

Rock, Pop & Dance Festivals in Spain in April
A list of rock, pop and dance festivals in Spain in April. The best April Spanish festivals.

Spanish Calendar of Events - What's on When in Spain
Calendar of Events in Spain. What's on When around the country throughout the year. A month-by-month guide to what's going on in Spain.

Semana Santa
The ten essential traditional festivals in Spain. What to see and where to see Spain's biggest traditional festivals.

Bizarre & Weird Festivals in Spain
The weirdest and wackiest festivals in Spain.

Top Five Spanish Carnival Cities
The best cities to see the Carnival in Spain. Carnival in Cadiz, Canary Islands, Madrid, Sitges and Ciudad Rodrigo.

Christmas in Spain - Holiday Festivities in Spain
Christmas in Spain - what to expect during the holiday season in Spain in December and January

Sport Calendar in Spain 2008
Calendar of sport in Spain. When to catch the biggest sporting events in Spain, including La Liga football (soccer), MotoGP, Formula One, Golf, Tennis, etc

Bullfighting Festivals in Spain
A short list of the most important bullfighting festivals in Spain. At these festivals you are almost guaranteed to be able to see a bullfight any day of the week!

Spanish Film Festival Calendar
Where to see film festivals in Spain throughout the year.

Pictures of Spain: Spanish Festivals
Pictures of Spain's biggest festivals, including the Tomatina Tomato Fight and the Pamplona Bull Run at San Fermin

New Year's Eve in August, Bérchules, Granada
One of the most bizarre festivals in Spain, the tiny village of Bérchules celebrates New Year's Eve TWICE - once at the normal time and once in August! Pictures of this wacky event.

Pamplona Bull Run 2006 PICTURES
Image gallery of the 2006 San Fermin bull run in Pamplona, Spain. Photographs taken from the start of the run, including images of some of the injured participants.

Christmas in Spain
What happens in Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of Spain over Christmas.

Madrid to Benicassim
How to get from Madrid to Benicassim by bus, train, car and plane.

Valencia to Benicassim
How to get from Valencia to Benicassim by bus, train, plane and car.

Barcelona to Benicassim
How to get from Barcelona to Benicassim by car, train, bus and plane.

Benicassim Transport
How to Get to the Benicassim festival

Correfoc in Barcelona
Particularly worth catching during September's La Mercé Festival in Barcelona is the Correfoc (fire-run), a midnight procession featuring fire-breathing dragons, devils and a whole pantheon of mythological creatures, on the streets of the Barrio Gòtico.

Andalusia Events in 2014

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