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Weather in Spain


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Spring Weather in Spain
Weather in Spain

Spring in Valdemoro, near Madrid

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Time for the beach! Temperatures in spring (and autumn) will be warm enough to get a tan, but cool enough not to burn (so much!) and this is a very popular time to go to the beach. Easter falls in the spring, which is one of the most popular times for the Spanish to travel.

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The only problem is that the weather isn't quite so dependable at this time. The Spanish have an expression: "hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo" (until the 40th May - i.e. June 10 - don't take off your coat). This is especially the case in Madrid. Though there will have been warm spells since March (maybe even January), you can't guarantee good weather until June. Even on the Costa del Sol you might get a few days of your holiday washed out (it's unlikely, but certainly not impossible). The last thing you want when you've spent a fortune on your holiday is to spend it staring at the rain you're so familiar with from home!

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