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Weather in Spain


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Rain or Shine? What to Expect in Spain
Weather in Spain

Andalusian summers aren't necessarily sunny all the time!

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Weather in Spain: Introduction

For many, the reason they come to Spain is because of the weather. Northern Europeans flock to Spain to lie on Spain's famous beaches with supposedly guaranteed sun all day, every day. Spain's weather isn't as simple as that. One of the biggest myths about Spain is that the weather is always good.

It is true that in the summer it will usually be sunny, especially in the south but in most of the rest of the country too. However, as the picture above shows, there is never any guarantee! It's also worth noting that July and August can be too hot in so many cities.

Useful Information on Weather in Spain

Weather in Spain by Month and Season

For convenience the Spanish seasons are split into equal three-month chunks, when in reality they are not so evenly divided. For more specific advice, click on the relevant month below each season.
  • Winter Weather in Spain Changeable conditions. Usually dry, except perhaps in the north-west, often sunny but likely to be chilly too. One of the more pleasant European countries to be in during winter, but don't expect sunbathing weather.
  • Spring Weather in Spain The off-season is a good time to visit Spain. In the south of the country, you should be able to get out your bikini, particularly as we approach summer.
  • Summer Weather in Spain Hot weather all round! 
  • Fall Weather in Spain Summer often lingers in Spain longer than in other countries, with the opportunity for a late trip to the beach possible until October.

Weather in Spain by Region

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