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Weather in Spain in September

Find Out About the Weather in Spain in September


Swimmers in the Mediterranean sea in autumn, Barcelona, Spain
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After the intense heat of the summer, normal service is starting to resume in Spain and the cities are beginning to be repopulated after the summer exodus. Find out what the weather is like in September in some of Spain's main cities.

While Spain doesn't get as much rainfall as other European countries, some rain is a possibility at any time of year. Remember that we're talking averages here. Weather is unpredictable, so don't take what you read on this page as gospel.

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Weather in Madrid in September

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Summer in Madrid can be uncomfortably warm and if the hot season outstays its welcome, September might still be a little unpleasant. However, most likely Madrid will be hot but bearable this month.

The average maximum temperature in Madrid in September is 82°F/28°C and the average minimum temperature is 55°F/13°C.

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Weather in Barcelona in September

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It's still summer in September in Barcelona and beaches will still be populated by northern Europeans looking for a tan. However, Barcelona doesn't tend to get quite as hot as Madrid and the temperatures here won't as fierce as they tend to be in the capital.

The average maximum temperature in Barcelona in September is 79°F/26°C and the average minimum temperature is 63°F/17°C.

However, averages aren't the only way to predict the weather. Check out the link above for a better look at the weather in Barcelona in September.

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Weather in Andalusia in September

Andalusia is Spain's sunniest region and you'd be unlucky to not get good weather all over the region for the entire month. Seville (like Madrid) may still be unbearably hot, but the coastal cities will be more temperate.

The average maximum temperature in Malaga in September is 82°F/28°C and the average minimum temperature is 64°F/18°C.

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Weather in Northern Spain in September

Northern Spain is not as reliable as the south when it comes to weather, but you can be pretty confident that the weather in September will be mainly good, though there is a fair chance of rain for a few days each month.

The average maximum temperature in Bilbao in September is 75°F/24°C and the average minimum temperature is 57°F/14°C.

Weather in North-West Spain in September

It's not all good news. While most of the country usually enjoys summer well into September, the inhabitants of Galicia and Asturias get temperatures that are several degrees lower than in other regions. That said, it's not all doom and gloom - there are more dry days than there are wet days in Galicia in September, so chin up!

The average maximum temperature in Santiago de Compostela in September is 70°F and the average minimum temperature is 59°F/15°C.

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