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Barcelona Modernist Architecture

Top Modernisme Architecture in Barcelona


The Modernime art and architecture in Barcelona is one of the city's main draws. Though the term is usually translated into English as "Modernism" or "Modernist", Modernisme is slightly different and is uniquely Catalan, which means that what you see here in the capital of Catalonia is something you won't find anywhere else.

If you're interested in learning more about Modernisme in Barcelona, check out this Modernisme Walking Tour of Barcelona. On this page you will find a more extensive list of Modernist architecture in Barcelona.

1. La Sagrada Familia

Image: Ray Corrigan
The most famous work by Gaudi in Barcelona, the unfinished La Sagrada Familia basilica is probably Barcelona's most famous building. An obvious number one for this list of architecture in Barcelona, not everyone likes it, but everyone has to see it.

Read more about La Sagrada Familia.

2. Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de Sant Pau
Image: Damian Corrigan
The Hospital de Sant Pau is fully functioning hospital, complete with nurses and walking wounded, but it is also one of Barcelona's most beautiful sights. Built by modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Hospital de Sant Pau is so close to La Sagrada Familia that you have no excuse to miss it out.

See pictures of Hospital de Sant Pau.

3. Park Guell

Park Guell, Barcelona
Image: Damian Corrigan
Another project Antoni Gaudi left unfinished, Park Guell was intended as a residential area for Barcelona's rich and famous, until the new (at the time) Eixample district usurped his plans.

Though the Catalans call it Parc Guell and the Spanish call it Parque Guell, Gaudi always intended 'park' to be spelled the English way.

See pictures of Parl Guell.

4. Palau de La Musica Catalana

Palau de La Musica Catalana
Image: Jeff Schwartz
The Palau de Musica Catalana is a concert hall designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Unfortunately, the front facade has now been covered in glass, but walk around the side and check out the nice detail at ground level, such as the mosaic ticket office.

See pictures of Palau de La Musica Catalana.

5. Casa Lleó Morera (Illa de la Discordia)

Casa Lleo Morera, Barcelona
Image: Kwong_Yee_Cheng
Casa Lleó Morera is one of the three buildings that make up the Illa de la Discordia or 'Block of Discord'. This one was designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

See pictures of the Illa de la Discordia

6. Casa Amatller

Casa Amatller, Barcelona
Image: Ixtla
Josep Puig i Cadafalch's contribution to the Illa de la Discordia.

See pictures of the Illa de la Discordia

7. Casa Battlo

Casa Battlo, Barcelona
Image: Damian Corrigan
The Gaudi-designed building in the Illa de la Discordia and one of two buildings by Gaudi on the Passeig de Gracia.

See pictures of the Illa de la Discordia

8. La Pedrera

La Pedrera, Barcelona
Image: Damian Corrigan
A little further up Passeig de Gracia (on the right-hand side this time) is another building by Antoni Gaudi.

See a picture of La Pedrera.
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