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Which Airports are in Barcelona?


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Question: Which Airports are in Barcelona?

There is only one airport with 'Barcelona' in the title, but that doesn't stop airlines such as Ryanair saying they fly to two airlines in the city. Find out more here about Barcelona's airports.

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Answer: Barcelona only has one airport - Barcelona International Airport in El Prat de Llobregat, 10km outside of Barcelona city. Its code is 'BCN'.

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Other Airports Near Barcelona

There are two more major airports in the region of Catalonia - Reus (REU) and Girona-Costa Brava (GRO). Both of them are approximately 100km from Barcelona.

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It is not normal to refer to these airports as 'Barcelona' airports, though Ryanair still does. I asked a Ryanair spokesman why they do this. You can read his response here:

Why Does Ryanair Say It Flies to Barcelona When It Doesn't?
(Note that at the time, there were no Ryanair flights to Barcelona. Now there are)

Sabadell airport is Catalonia's fourth airport, but it is mainly used for training purposes.

Which Airport Near Barcelona Should I Fly to?

All three airports are well connected to Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia. However, in some circumstances one of these airports will be more appropriate for you:
  • For a Long Weekend in Barcelona Fly to the main Barcelona airport. You'll lose too much of your time transferring from the other airports to the city.
  • To Reach the Pyrenees Fly to Girona. Girona is also a reasonably nice city in itself and is close to Figueres, where the must-see Salvador Dali museum is.
  • For a Beach Vacation Reus airport is closer to the better beaches of Catalonia. Nearby Tarragona is also a pleasant city that is worth at least a day's visit, but you might actually find it easier to visit Tarragona from Barcelona than from Reus, as the bus transfer service from Reus to Tarragona is awful.

However, price will usually be your biggest deciding factor. To find the cheapest flight to one of these airports, try this link:

Compare Prices on Flights to Barcelona (remember to tick 'include nearby airports')

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