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Free Seville

Free Things to Do in Seville


If the best things in life are free, Seville has some of the best things for your Spanish vacation. Check out these top free things to do in Seville.

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1. Cathedral and Giralda

free sevilleImage: Damian Corrigan

Seville's most famous attraction opens its door for free 14% of the time (i.e. one day a week). See the curious mix of Christian and Arabic architecture in one of the world's biggest cathedrals.

When Is It Free? Seville's Cathedral and Giralda have free entry every Sunday. Otherwise, entry is 7€.

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2. Casa de Pilatos

free sevilleImage: Damian Corrigan

Built for the marquis of Tarifa after his trip around Europe, the Casa de Pilatos combines mudejar architecture with that which he saw in Italy.

When Is It Free?

On Tuesday afternoons.

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3. La Carboneria

free sevilleImage: Damian Corrigan

La Carboneria is a cheap and cheerful flamenco bar popular with both foreign and Spanish tourists. The quality of the performance varies greatly, but the bar and gardens (complete with banana trees!) are always lively and you are guaranteed a taste of flamenco every night of the week.

When Is It Free?

Entry is always free to La Carboneria.

4. Parque de María Luisa and Plaza de España

free SevilleImage: Damian Corrigan

Built for the 1929 Ibero-American fair, this lush garden and spectacular plaza sit side by side to the south-east of Seville. Admire the Art Deco and Mudejar architecture of the plaza (which features in a scene in Star Wars: Episode II) and explore the botanical trail and exhibition buildings in the park.

When is it Free?


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5. Torre del Oro

free sevilleImage: Damian Corrigan

A Moorish tower that today serves as the city's maritime museum.

When Is It Free? On Tuesdays.

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