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50 Things to Do in Seville

What to Do in Seville


Visiting Seville? There's no chance you'll get bored - I've found 50 things to do in the city. If I had included every fine tapas bar or historic church, this list could have easily reached 100.

I've divided this list into each major barrio or district of Seville. Many of the activities on this page are free with the Seville Card or Seville Cultura Card. The Cultura card is cheaper, but has less benefits. Click on the links to learn about each card.

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Ten Things to Do in Santa Cruz

Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France  Follow Cathédrale de Séville - Andalousie - Cathedral - Espagne Spain - Photo Picture Photography
Grand Parc @xavier33300 flickr.com Creative Commons License

Santa Cruz is the most famous and touristy part of Seville.

Read more about Ten Things to Do in Santa Cruz or go straight to the sight of your choice below:

1. Seville Cathedral
2. Giralda 
3. Alcazar 
4. Casa de Pilatos 
5. Plazas del Pan & Salvador  
6. Casa de la Memoria  
7. Go for Tapas 
8. Flamenco Museum 
9. Seville Ayuntamiento 
10. Archivo General de las Indias

Scroll down for more things to do elsewhere in Seville.

Ten Things to Do in Macarena

Image: Damian Corrigan

An historically important district of Seville, Macerena is now a poorer part of town with less tourists walking round it - but it's still worth a visit.

Read about Ten Things to Do in Macarena or skip to the one that intrigues you most:

1. Museo de Bellas Artes  
2. Basilica de Macarena  
3. Eslava Tapas Bar  
4. Muralla Arabe 
5. Templo Omium & Market  
6. Basilica del Gran Poder  
7. Alameda de Hercules  
8. La Yerba Tapas Bar 
9. Sevilla Dance Center 
10. Hospital de las Cinco Llagas

Eight Things to Do Near Plaza de España

Image: Damian Corrigan

Seville's Plaza de España is a little out of the center but's well worth the trip (and it's really not that far, either). There are plenty more things to do to make the walk worth it.

Read more about Eight Things to Do Near Plaza de España or click on one of the links below:

1. Plaza de España 
2. Parque de Maria Luisa 
3. Teatro Lope de Vega 
4. Museo Arqueologico 
5. Museo Militar 
6. Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares 
7. Pabellon Domecq and Pabellon Real 
8. Old Tobacco Factory

Five Things to Do in Arenal

Image: Damian Corrigan

Arenal is the area between the cathedral and the waterfront. Most tourists pass it by despite it being so close to the more famous sights.

Read about Five Things to Do in Arenal or pick one below:

1. See a Bullfight 
2. Torre de Oro and the Waterfront 
3. Restaurante Enrique Becerra 
4. Old Royal Shipyards 
5. Hospital de la Caridad

Five Things to Do in Triana

Image: Damian Corrigan

Cross the river to the old gypsy quarter. But there's more! Walk a little to the north to find two of Spain's biggest attractions.

Read more about Five Things to Do in Triana or have a look at the one that appeals most below:

1. Andalusian Contemporary Art Center 
2. Drinks & Food on Calle Betis  
3. See a Flamenco Show  
4. Gypsy Quarter 
5. Isla Magica

Twelve Day Trips from Seville

Image: Damian Corrigan

There are plenty of places to visit outside the city of Seville. Whether you visit the big cities like Granada and Cordoba or you go for a smaller place like Ronda or Osuna (where Game of Thrones will be filming soon), no trip to Seville is complete without taking a short excursion .

Read more about Seville Day Trips or go straight to the trip that interests you most:

1. Granada 
2. Cordoba  
3. Ronda  
4. Cadiz  
5. Jerez 
6. Tarifa 
7. Santiponce (Italica) 
8. Antequera 
9. Osuna 
10. Arcos de la Frontera 
11. Carmona 
12. Matalascañas

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