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Events in September in Spain

Where to Catch all the Best Fiestas in Spain in September


Feste de Merce, Barcelona

Feste de Merce, Barcelona

Image: Davidlohr Bueso/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

September is one of the best months to visit Spain, particularly because the weather is starting to get cooler and there will be slightly fewer tourists than in July and August. Catalonia is probably the best place to visit in Spain in September, with the Festa de la Merce in Barcelona and the Festa de Santa Tecla in Tarragona.


Festival Highlights in September

My top picks for events in Spain in September:
  1. San Sebastian Film Festival in San Sebastian
  2. Rioja Grape Harvest Festival in Logroño.
  3. Festa de la Mercè in Barcelona
  4. Birraso Beer Festival in Barcelona
  5. Festa de Santa Tecla in Tarragona

Grape Stomping in Spain in September

Grape stomping, the traditional treading on grapes in wine production, usually takes place in late September or early to mid-October. Organizing your own grape stomping trip is difficult, but possible. Read more about Grape Stomping in Spain.

Complete List of Festivities

Note: these dates are liable to vary slightly each year. Check exact dates in local press.

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