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Which Cities to See Semana Santa in Spain?


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Semana Santa in Zamora
Which Cities to See Semana Santa in Spain?

Semana is so important in Zamora that they have a statue dedicated to it

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Semana Santa in Spain: Zamora

Zamora is the smallest of the six Castilla y Leon cities, but is the most famous when it comes to Semana Santa. Though there are more processions in Leon and Valladolid, they are not as old as those of Zamora. Zamora's floats (called pasos) are designed by famous artists.

Zamora's Semana Santa begins with one procession a day from the Viernes de Dolores (the first Friday) until the first Sunday (Domingo de Ramos). There is then one processions a day in the evening from Monday until Wednesday (Lunes Santo, Martes Santo and Miercoles Santo) and another one at midnight.

Thursday (Jueves Santos) is an important day, with just enough time after the processions of the night before to get some sleep before a mass in the cathedral at in the morning (about 10am). There are then three processions spread out over the day. In the evening, Zamora takes on a little of the partying of Seville, with people occupying the streets throughout the night. It is a family event, with parents and children mingling with drunk youths. It all ends with a procession at 5am, officially called "la procesion de las cinco de la mañana" (the procession of five o'clock in the morning) but commonly called "la procesion de los borachos" (the procession of the drunks), for obvious reasons.

On Friday evening there are processions at 4pm and 11pm. Saturday has just one procession as well as singing in the main square (Plaza Mayor) and events are rounded off on the Sunday morning (at about 9am) with one last procession, followed by a traditional meal of eggs and ham, called "El Dos y Pingada".

See pictures from each procession with these pictures of Semana Santa in Zamora (click on each procession name).

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