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Which Cities to See Semana Santa in Spain?


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Semana Santa in Spain: City-by-City
Which Cities to See Semana Santa in Spain?

Semana Santa in Spain: Where should you go?

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Semana Santa in Spain: Which City is Right for You?

Help choosing which Semana Santa city is right for you. Read through the scenarios below and click on the name of the city for a description of the city at Semana Santa.

Click on the numbers at the bottom of the page to read about other Semana Santa cities.

Scenario 1:

I'm not sure if I'm going to enjoy Semana and I don't want to spend a fortune on hotels.

Best City: Toledo

Why? Toledo is near Madrid. Madrid doesn't do Semana Santa on a grand scale and with plenty of hotels, it isn't likely to be full (though be careful, there will be lot's of people thinking likewise, so book in advance to be sure). You can easily take a day trip or two to Toledo to sample the spectacle. If you don't like it, there's still Madrid!

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Scenario 2:

I want to see Semana Santa in all its pomp and glory.

Best City: Seville

Why? Seville is the home of the most glorious Semana Santa celebrations. This is the once-in-a-lifetime experience and comes highly recommended for tourists wishing to see the Semana Santa they have seen on TV.

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Scenario 3:

I'm a religious person who wants to see Semana Santa at its most solemn and holy

Best City: Zamora

Why? Most Spaniards (apart from those from Andalusia) would say Castilla-Leon is the best place to see Semana Santa, and Zamora is most famous in the region (for Semana Santa, that is). Alternatively, try Valladolid. Note that they are not very touristy cities so hotel rooms will be in short supply. As usual, book in advance.

Leon is also a good option. The city actually has more events on each day then Zamora or Valladolid, but is a definite third place after Zamora and Valladolid.

Salamanca is also a popular choice. After these four cities, Avila and Segovia are worth a look in too.

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