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Restaurant in Segovia Serving Cochinillo Suckling Pig

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cochillo segovia

Cochinillo (suckling pig) in Segovia

Image: Damian Corrigan

The Bottom Line

Cheaper cochinillo than is sold in many restaurants in Segovia and an ideal location, but it still wasn't worth the 15€ price tag.


  • Great location, two minutes walk from the Alcázar
  • Slightly cheaper than other restaurants selling suckling pig
  • Service was good and food was brought out quickly. But....


  • The food was brought out a little too quickly and was clearly reheated.
  • Portion was small and not tasty enough to warrant the 15€ (which is a lot for a meal in Spain)
  • The bread was stale (AND they charged 70c for it)


  • Meson Don Jimeno
  • c/Daoiz, 15
  • Tel 921466350
  • Restaurant very close to Alcazar.
  • Cochinillo with chips: 15€
  • Bread: 70c
  • Large Beer: 2.10€

Guide Review - Restaurant in Segovia Serving Cochinillo Suckling Pig

Cochinillo, or suckling pig, is Segovia's local dish. All around the aqueduct you'll find restaurants selling cochinillo at a slightly inflated price.

Meson Don Jimeno is not in an area where there is much competition among restaurants, but it is still ideally located - two minutes' walk from the Alcazar.

A small, but homely restaurant, the staff were very obliging, but then - I was the only person there.

The food was certainly not bad, but 15€ for a basic meal with no drinks or even bread(!) included is a lot for what I received.

If you're starving after looking at the Alcazar and you're willing to spend the money to sample Segovia's speciality dish, there is nothing wrong with this restaurant, but you can find a lot better.

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