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Pictures of San Sebastian-Donostia - San Sebastian Picture Gallery


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Pictures of San Sebastian: Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian
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Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian

Image: Damian Corrigan
Most of Spain's best beaches are tucked away in the middle of nowhere, requiring a car or a stay at a resort hotel if you want to visit htem. Not La Playa de la Concha in San Sebastian, the best city beach in Spain (perhaps the whole of Europe). Here, the sand is fine, the sea is clean and the city is right behind you.

San Sebastian is home to the region's best pintxos, the Basque name for tapas, giving you something more to do after a day at the beach than apply after-sun lotion. There are plenty of budget accommodation options in town too, including a couple of youth hostels.


The nearest airport with international flights is Bilbao:

Compare Prices on Flights to Bilbao

San Sebastian has an airport, but only has flights to Madrid and Barcelona, which are incredibly expensive. You are better off taking the train or bus:


There are actually three beaches in San Sebastian: this one (which is the most popular and famous), the Playa de Ondarreta (which is popular with families) and Playa de Gros, popular with young people.

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