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Ryanair Information

Flights to Spain - What You Need to Know About Ryanair


Ryanair Information

Ryanair Information - what you need to know

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Information about Ryanair to help you decide whether you should fly with them or not.

Love them or hate them, Ryanair have a major presence in flying to Spain. They claim to have the cheapest flights in Europe, but is this really true? See the following links for the best Ryanair Information

Most Useful Ryanair Information

  • Ryanair Hand Luggage Get a bag that is well within Ryanair's draconian maximum dimensions for hand luggage and never worry again about whether you'll be allowed to take your bag with you.
  • Why Hate Ryanair? What the BBC's television program of the same name forgot to tell you.
  • Myths About Ryanair What Ryanair's supporters, and some of their detractors and even their airline themselves have got wrong about the Ryanair.
  • Ryanair Safety What safety concerns have been raised about Ryanair?

How to Avoid Paying Too Much With Ryanair

Ryanair often charges customers twice - once when they pay online, again when they reach the airport (having broken one of the company's miriad rules and regulations). Make sure you don't pay too much by following these links:

Ryanair Responds! Ryanair Addresses Some of Their Most Frequently Asked Questions

What happened when Ryanair's Stephen McNamara agreed to answer my questions? Read my Questions to Ryanair or jump straight to the question that most concerns you below:

  1. Ryanair's Advertised Prices Why Does Ryanair not include taxes and other compulsory fees in the main price?
  2. Ryanair's Web Check-In Why is Ryanair's compuslory web check-in fee not included in the advertised price of one of their fairs?
  3. Contacting Ryanair Why does Ryanair make it so difficult to contact them?
  4. Ryanair's Credit Card Fees How can Ryanair justify charging multiple times for a single credit card transaction?
  5. Ryanair's flights to 'Barcelona' Why does Ryanair say it flies to Barcelona when it does not?
  6. Ryanair's Baggage Allowance Why does Ryanair have the lowest checked luggage allowance in Europe?
  7. Ryanair's Boarding Card Reprint Fee How can Ryanair justify charging 40€ to reprint your boarding card?

Unfortunately, since answering these questions for me (plus one on the flawed Ryanair Priority Boarding), Mr McNamara has thrown his toys out of his pram and decided that Ryanair can only communicate with broadcast and print journalists (despite it being he who contacted me first). Web journalists, who he quaintly refers to as 'bloggers', are not worthy of communication, even though Ryanair makes 99% of its money on the web. So, alas these are the last of my questions Ryanair will be answering for you.

Ryanair Information: Flights to 'Barcelona'

More on Ryanair and its 'Barcelona' destinations.

Ryanair Information: Legal Challenges

Ryanair's practices have prompted many legal questions.

Ryanair's 'Duty-Free Ban'

Buying duty-free past passport control? Don't buy too much, Ryanair may fine you.

How Cheap Are Ryanair Really?

Ryanair prides itself on being the cheapest airline in Europe. But are they really? I've compared fares for all of Ryanair's destinations in Spain and found them to be a lot more expensive than one might expect.

See also: Who Really Benefits from Ryanair's Cheap Flights?

First, by vacation type:

  1. Ryanair vs easyjet Price Comparison 1: The Business Trip
  2. Ryanair vs easyjet Price Comparison 2: The Weekend Trip
  3. Ryanair vs easyjet Price Comparison 3: The Summer Vacation

And now, by destination:

Ryanair and Other Airlines in Europe

Are all airlines as bad as each other? No, not really. But that isn't to say you shouldn't always be careful when flying with a budget airline.

Other Ryanair Resources

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