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Ryanair Flights to Barcelona

Information about Barcelona's three airports : Barcelona, Reus and Girona


When booking cheap flights to Barcelona, most people go for Ryanair or easyJet, the two biggest budget airlines in Europe.

This page will help you decide which airport you should fly to and how to get to Barcelona from each one.

How Many Barcelona Airports does Ryanair Fly to?

There is only one airport in Barcelona. It is usually referred to as 'Barcelona airport' or 'El Prat'.


But Ryanair Has Flights to 'Reus (Barcelona)' and 'Girona (Barcelona)'!

Yes, and China calls itself a 'People's Republic'. Doesn't mean we have to believe them.

What Ryanair calls 'Reus (Barcelona)' is actually called Reus Airport (code: REU). Ryanair's so-called 'Girona (Barcelona)' is actually called Girona-Costa Brava Airport (code: GRO). Ryanair is unique in adding 'Barcelona' to their names.

Both airports are about 100km from Barcelona. Read more about them:

For many years, Ryanair didn't fly to the actual Barcelona airport. I asked Ryanair's spokesman why they claim they fly to Barcelona when it's not true. Read his response: Ryanair's Flights to 'Barcelona'.

However, Ryanair have recently decided to start flying to Barcelona from around Spain and a few other airports in Europe.

So Who Else Flies to Barcelona Airport?

Find out here: Barcelona Flights

Why Fly to Barcelona Airport?

Because you want to visit Barcelona! The city's main airport also has far more flights from all over Europe than the other two airports. Compare Prices on Flights to Barcelona.

How to Get from Barcelona International Airport to Barcelona

You can get to Barcelona by bus and train - read more about Barcelona Airport Transfers.

Why Fly to Girona?

Girona a medium-sized city of its own and is known for its Jewish quarter. It is a pleasant place to spend a day but not a place to base your vacation unless you plan on making lots of day trips. It is a good place to start if you are planning on heading to Figueres and into France, or to the Pyrenees. 


Read more on How to Get the Cheapest Fares with Ryanair.

How to Get from Girona to Barcelona

  • From Girona Airport to Barcelona Barcelona Bus is operated by Sagalés and, though it coincides its departures with Ryanair flights, is not operated by Ryanair. This can be a problem if your flight is delayed for some reason. The bus takes you to Estacio d' Autobusos Barcelona Nord, Barcelona's main bus station and takes 1h30. The Sagales website is only partially in English: click on 'HORARIS' and then all becomes clear!
  • From Girona Center to Barcelona For those spending a few days in Girona before going on to Barcelona, Sagalés also runs the bus route from Girona bus station to Barcelona bus station.

Why Fly to Reus?

Reus is close to Tarragona, one of Catalonia's major cities and how to some important Roman ruins. It is an ideal place to start when heading south to Valencia. 

How to Get from Reus to Barcelona

  • From Reus Airport to Barcelona There is a transfer from Reus airport to Barcelona which costs 22€ return. A taxi can be 120€. There is also a bus from Reus airport to Reus center.
  • From Reus Center to Barcelona The cheapest and quickest option is the train. The journey takes 1h30. Check Renfe for timetables and prices.

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