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Ryanair Flights to Malaga

The price of a Ryanair flight to Malaga and the nearest easyJet equivalent


Ryanair have the reputation of being the cheapest budget airline in Europe. Their pre-taxes and charges fares do beat the advertised fare of their nearest rival, easyJet, but that is because easyJet's prices are all inclusive. But when taking all charges into account, Ryanair are invariably more expensive. Find below details of a Ryanair flight to Malaga and the nearest equivalent easyJet flight price.

Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to find an exact match for a Ryanair flight. For illustrative purposes, I've chosen a London flight, as most airlines that fly to Spain also fly from London.

On this page, 'HL' is 'hand luggage' and 'CL' is 'checked luggage'.

Ryanair Flight to Malaga

  • From: London Stansted
  • Price for two people, with 8kg of HL each*: 203.26GBP

easyJet Alternative Flight: Malaga

  • From: London Gatwick, returning to London Stansted.
  • Price for two people, with 8kg of HL each*: 80.43GBP

As you can see, easyJet is cheaper than Ryanair for this flight. Flying with Ryanair gets even more expensive the more luggage you take:

  • 12kg HL Ryanair = 283.26GBP; easyJet = 80.43GBP
  • 14kg CL & 8 Kg HL Ryanair = 283.26GBP; easyJet = 112.43GBP.
  • 18kg CL & 8kg HL Ryanair = 373.26GBP; easyJet = 112.43GBP
  • 18kg CL & 12kg HL Ryanair = 733.26GBP; easyJet = 112.43GBP

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In light of Ryanair's decision to cancel tickets bought from third party websites, you can no longer search Ryanair flights through this price comparison site. To compare Ryanair prices with other airlines, search using the above site and then do a separate search on Ryanair.com. However, be sure to go all the way to the point of purchase as the first price you see is nowhere near the full amount you will pay.

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*All flights were booked on 19 July 2009 for flights going out on 16 September 2009 and returning 30 September 2009. All non-essential extras (such as speedy boarding and insurance) have been removed. Find out more about this price comparison in this Ryanair v easyJet Price Comparison.

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