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Avoid Paying Ryanair Extras


So you've booked a bargain flight with Ryanair? Twenty euros for a flight to Spain is great, unless you happen to be one of the ones caught out by Ryanair's small print, in which case it will be you that pays for other people's cheap flights. Follow the advice on this page to make sure you don't have to pay more when you get to the airport.

But you're still not safe! Ryanair have a habit of denying boarding to passengers for a myriad of trivial reasons. Check out this list of reasons: Denied Boarding by Ryanair-

Furthermore, the costs on this page are only those that you can incur after you've paid for your flight online. To make sure you don't pay too much at the point of purchase, see this page: How to Get Cheap Flights with Ryanair.

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Here's How:

  1. Remember to check-in online Ryanair now adds a compulsory on-line check-in to your flight. So use it! Checking in at the airport now costs 40 euros, on top of the 5 euros you paid for the online check-in. Type in your passport number extra carefully - one digit out and you'll have to pay 40 euros.
  2. Check your hand luggage size Ryanair's hand luggage dimensions are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm which is fairly standard for budget airlines, but slightly smaller than some other airlines. Don't assume that because you have got this bag on another flight, you can get it on a Ryanair one. Get a tape measure and measure the whole thing, including wheels. If it won't fit in the little compartment Ryanair asks you to put it in, you will have to check it in.

    If possible, use a hard case. If your bag doesn't easily fit the metal frame, you will be charged. See the surprising pictures: How Strict is the Ryanair Baggage Allowance?

  3. Check your luggage weight Hand luggage can be no more than 10kg, checked luggage can be no more than 15kg - the lowest weight allowance in Europe.
  4. Arrive well in advance Yes, every airline says that, and you normally end up sitting for ages past passport control, bored. But Ryanair often doesn't put on enough staff, so the queues can be extra long. If you miss the cut off point for your flight, they won't make allowances.
  5. Don't get any duty-free (unless you can fit it into your single hand luggage bag). Ryanair enforces their one bag policy very strictly - and that includes bags bought after you've checked in. They will charge you 30 euros if you have a second bag.
  6. Top up on food and drink before you get on the plane. Yes, the airport is expensive - but Ryanair is even more so. In fact, Ryanair has highest charges for in-flight food and drink.

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