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Ryanair Website Review

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Ryanair review

Ryanair review

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The Bottom Line

Ryanair claims to have the lowest fares in Europe, but their habit of calling something 'optional' when to all extents and purposes it is not, often pushes their prices to well above other airlines' prices. But at least all their fees are published online.

Note that this review is only of Ryanair's website.


  • All fees are listed on a single page
  • Insurance and baggage are not added automatically
  • You usually end up with a flight at the end of the booking.


  • Prices are not listed with taxes and fees included | Site often crashes
  • 'Barcelona' airports are not in Barcelona.
  • 40 euro airport check-in fee | Multiple credit card fees for single transaction
  • Lowest checked luggage allowance in Europe
  • Compulsory web check-in fee | No contact email address


  • Ryanair does not publish all prices with the taxes and fees included. You are forced to select the flight first.
  • The website is prone to crashing and times out quickly, making it difficult to compare prices on other sites while you book.
  • Ryanair calls Reus and Girona "Reus (Barcelona)" and "Girona (Barcelona)", despite the fact they're 100km from Barcelona.
  • Ryanar has quadrupled its airport check-in fee to 40 euros, renaming it a 'boarding card re-print fee'.
  • Ryanair charges a credit card fee of 5€ per person, per flight, meaning a family of six will pay 60€ in these fees
  • Ryanair has the lowest checked baggage allowance in Europe - just 15kg. Most medium sized cases take much more than that.
  • Ryanair has a compulsory online check-in fee of 5€.
  • Ryanair has no contact email address, which is against UK e-commerce regulations.
  • Ryanair's route map requires Microsoft Skylight, which many computers do not have (and public PCs will not let you install)
  • Ryanair is unique in budget arlines in providing a full list of its fees and charges: Ryanair Fees and Charges

Guide Review - Ryanair Website Review

First, the good points of Ryanair's website - it is the only budget airline in Europe with a full list of its fees and charges published on one page. They are also very good at not adding extras like insurance and baggage to your shopping cart.

But where the website falls down is in its interpretation of what it forces you, or nearly forces you, to pay for. Web check-in is compulsary and costs 5€ per person. Credit card fees are not charged per transaction, but per person and per flight.

A number of obstacles are places in your way, making it difficult to book easily. Fees and taxes are not included in the main fare, but added later. Many airports are listed differently from their official name. Ryanair has actually improved on this front - some of their destinations were not even in the country they said they were. This practice has stopped, but Ryanair still labels Reus and Girona incorrectly (saying they are in Barcelona), and fails to mention in the destination guide how far they are from Barcelona (they are both 100km from the city).

Still, Ryanair's fares are among the lowest in Europe - but always shop around. Get all the way to the 'pay' button before noting down the price and then compare with other airlines. You may be surprised to find Ryanair isn't as cheap as they look.

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Hope nothing goes wrong!, Member DaveJS

We booked a trip ALC to LGW and return. Changes in travel plans of family members we are meeting means it is far more convenient to fly ALC to STN and return. Although we knew that to change flights was not going to be cheap we thought that we'd do it anyway. Went in the web site via ""Manage Bookings"", ""Change Flight"". Got a fair way through the change procedure when the site crashed as being unable to redirect to the next page. Thinking that this might be a Firefox problem we tried IE8 still the same; tried both browsers on another computer (still on my home network) - still the same. Faxed Ryanair customer support saying that I thought that they had a problem with the web site - no reply no fix. Next day tried an Internet Café - same result. Faxed again using very large font - no reply no fix. Found an email address for a Ryanair web contact on the Ryanair Campaign web site and emailed him - no reply no fix. I refuse to make a premium rate phone call to try to sort out what is a Ryanair problem so I'm stuffed - thanks a bunch Ryanair. There may just be a clue just how seriously Ryanair take their web site - one of the two buttons on the page that causes the crash is lablled ""NEVER MIND""!!!!

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