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Best Regions in Spain

Which Regions of Spain Should You Visit and Why?


Many people who are new to Spain and not sure what to visit want to know about the Best Cities in Spain. But what if you don't want to spend all your time on a train, joining the dots between Spain's far flung cities? I'd suggest sticking to a single region and exploring that in depth before moving on. Check out the best regions in Spain on this page.

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1. Andalusia

Andalusia has not one, but two essential stops and several other cities I'd put pretty high on my list of cities to visit. (In fact, I have three places in Andalusia in my Top 10 Spanish Cities).

2. Catalonia

The biggest attraction in Catalonia is obviously Barcelona, but there are other important places to visit here too. The locals pride themselves on a culture that they claim is different from that found in the rest of Spain. Is it? Check it out and discover for yourself.

3. Madrid

The capital of Spain is found in the region of the same name. Madrid has everything you would expect of a European capital and with some great day trips very close to the city - some within the official confines of the Comunidad de Madrid and some just outside - you' better make sure you stop here during your visit to Spain.

4. Galicia

Catalonia may claim to be different from the rest of Spain, but Galicia really is. Rolling green hills and the best seafood is Spain await visitors to the north-west of Spain.

5. Basque Country

Bilbao and San Sebastian are the main cities to visit in the Basque Country, but there is much more to this region than just these two.

6. Castilla y Leon

Visit Old Spain - the roots of the Spanish language and civilization can be found in this region, with important cities like Leon, Burgos, Salamanca and Segovia providing visitors with plenty to occupy themselves.

7. Extremadura

Off the beaten path for most tourists, Extremadura has the beautiful city of Caceres and the country's best Roman ruins (in Merida).

8. Asturias

Drink cider like only the Asturians do and find out why the Spanish say "Asturias is Spain, the rest is just conquered'.

9. Valencia

The city of Valencia has its own autonomous community - its biggest draw being its beautiful coastline and the best paella in the country.

10. La Rioja

La Rioja is where the best wine in Spain is produced. The sight of the clouds rolling over the hills is unique to this region too.

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