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Day Trips & Excursions in Spain

Which Trips to Take from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia & Granada


Day Trips & Excursions in Spain

The turrets of Avila, an often overlooked day trip from Madrid

Image: Damian Corrigan

When all is said and done - a city is a city. A whistle-stop tour of Spain which takes in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Granada and Bilbao but nowhere else misses out some of the most beautiful and diverse parts of Spain. This list of day trips from the major cities in Spain should help you decide where to go when you're bored of tall buildings.

Hiring a car can be a great option if you plan on taking a few day trips. Compare Prices on Hire Cars in Spain.

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Don't make the mistake of thinking that Catalonia is just a piece of land to help connect Barcelona to the rest of Spain. Barcelona has a number of important day trips, including Dali's home town, volcanic craters and some crazy rock formations.


Being dead in the center of Spain doesn't mean that the center of Spain is dead - Madrid is a stone's throw away two of the most famous small cities in Spain - Segovia and Toledo - as well as the less famous Ávila and El Escorial. Madrid's day trips alone make the journey to the capital worthwile.


Granada is situated in an region of immense natural beauty, with the Sierra Nevada mountains to the south-east and the less pointy but equally beautiful Alpujarras beyond that.


Seville doesn't have the largest number of day trips, but the Roman ruins of Santiponce and Carmona are worth a visit, and the coast is a day trip away.


Being so near the Costa Brava, day trips from Valencia are nearly all about the beaches - but not all. Click on the above link for details of all beach and non-beach day trips in the Valenia region.


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