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Is it Mallorca or Majorca?


Question: Is it Mallorca or Majorca?
What is the correct spelling - Mallorca or Majorca? And how should it be pronounced?

Both spellings are correct:
  • Mallorca is Spanish and Catalan. It is also acceptable in English according to most dictionaries. It is pronounced 'Mah-york-a', never 'Mah-lork-a'.
  • Majorca is English. Despite it making you sound like you come from Essex, it can be pronounced 'Mah-jork-a', but 'Mah-york-a' is acceptable too. Though the latter pronunciation fits English phonetics better, pronouncing it 'Mah-jork-a' can come across as ignorant (even though it is officially correct - use it to show off if you like!).

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