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What to Do in Catalonia


Montserrat monastery

Montserrat monastery and mountain

Image: Damian Corrigan

Most visitors to Catalonia head straight to Barcelona when they visit the region - and quite rightly too, as it is Spain's best destination. But that isn't to say there isn't more to do in Catalonia.

Cities and Towns in Catalonia

Major cities and towns in Catalonia, in order of 'importance' to the tourist:
  1. Barcelona
  2. Figueres
  3. Tarragona
  4. Girona
  5. Sitges

Catalonia in a Week

You could easily spend a week in Barcelona, but if you'd like to see more of the region, try this itinerary:

Start in Figueres - spend half a day at the Dali museum and the rest of the day in Girona, where you should stay the night. Then head to Barcelona and spend five days there. Finish off with a day in Tarragona.

Catalonia Highlights

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How to Get to Catalonia

Catalonia is on the border with France, so is a great first stop when visiting Spain over land. Barcelona is also well connected to the rest of Spain by high-speed train and bus. Alternatively, if you want to fly, there are three international airports in Catalonia.
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